James Russell is the "Best" and Other Delusional Bullets - April 26, 2011

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James Russell is the “Best” and Other Delusional Bullets – April 26, 2011

Chicago Cubs

It seems like ages ago, but Starlin Castro made three errors in his Wrigley Field debut last year. Of course, they weren’t all in one inning. At least he didn’t make three errors per inning last night. That would have been just zany, amirite? AMIRITE?

  • Mike Quade says that James Russell remains the “best option” to start today against the Rockies. Let me be clear: I’m rooting for Russell to succeed. It would bring me no greater pleasure than for him to shove a quality start right down my throat. But I simply cannot stand for statements like this from Quade: “If [Russell] becomes the second-best option at some point, then you make a change. A guy with major-league experience that will do anything you ask that throws strikes — I just don’t think we have anyone on this staff that we want to test right now in that role, and nobody in the minor leagues I think is seasoned enough or ready for that.” Again, I say: if that’s all true, it’s an indictment of the organization, not an excuse. But I don’t think it’s true. I think it’s foolishness.
  • In case you needed reminding, the league is hitting .390 off Russell this year, and righties are hitting .469. Best option, folks. Best option.
  • Relatedly, with two more scoreless innings last night, Jeff Samardzija’s scoreless inning streak is up to nine.
  • Still relatedly, Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner are expected to be evaluated again tomorrow. Collectively, let’s pray Cashner is put on an aggressive throwing program, and Wells is scheduled for a rehab start quickly. Both would be very good and welcome signs.
  • Marlon Byrd posts about batting order, and comes off incredibly defensive, which is a bummer. I like Byrd so much as a Cub and a (properly used) player. I don’t want to dislike him as a writer.
  • In case you care to read a review of the Bartman documentary, ‘Catching Hell,’ here’s one by Will Leitch.

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