Meta: New Look, Same Adequate Taste

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Meta: New Look, Same Adequate Taste

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If you’re reading this, and you’ve visited Bleacher Nation before, you’re no doubt noticing that the place looks a little different. I know, I know: people hate change. Hopefully you’ll agree that the changes are minor and for the better.

For now, the changes are almost exclusively cosmetic. I haven’t been crazy about the site design for some time now, and I’ve quietly been working behind the scenes on a revamped look for a few months now.

Among the improvements:

  • More content on the home page. Although the traditional “blog” style has its virtues, I always hated that, after a day or two, posts got completely buried. Sure, you could page back if you were so inclined, but if you didn’t visit the site every day, you probably missed a number of posts. And, I’m not vain or anything, but I tend to think you’re here because you want to read the posts. The new design keeps a whole lot more of the content accessible from the front page for a while longer.
  • Easier navigation. It should be a lot easier now to find what you’re looking for, to the extent you’re looking for something other than the most recent post or two.
  • Cleaner look. Yes, this might be a matter of taste, but I think the site looks a whole lot better – there aren’t a million words crammed into a smaller space. I just think it’s prettier. It’s wider, too. That helps.
  • Back-end stuff. There are changes associated with the new site that make it easier for me to keep doing what I do.
  • Ad integration. I know you don’t care about this – in fact, you’re probably dreading the idea that the site will incorporate advertisements. I apologize, but I’ve got to pay the bills. In theory, the new design will allow me to integrate those ads in a much, much more seamless way. Seamless = bugs you less.

As I said, I know change is not always welcomed. I hope this is received well, but, to the extent you have gripes, do let me know. Obviously I’m not looking to drive anyone away and there’s always room for improvement.


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Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.