More Carlos Zambrano Bullets, Including Trade Rumors

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More Carlos Zambrano Bullets, Including Trade Rumors

Chicago Cubs

Another day, another set of bullets about Carlos Zambrano. Thankfully, the Cubs have no plans to suspend Zambrano, and things are looking peachy keen once again. That doesn’t mean the Cubs won’t explore trading Zambrano, though…

  • Zambrano apologized to Carlos Marmol, and the closer says things are fine. “It’s over. You’ve got to move on. It doesn’t bother me. He apologized to me and we’re friends and that’s not going to change things. It’s in the past.”
  • After the initial wave of vitriol from the mainstream media passed – and the fans made clear their thoughts – Carlos Zambrano started to pick up some support from folks other than Bruce Miles. Bob Brenly said Zambrano’s method was poor, but his message was spot on. Brenly called the Cubs a “dead-ass team,” and said it was about time someone stood up and said he was tired of watching this crap. Even Steve Rosenbloom said Zambrano was right. Rick Morrissey, too.
  • For his part, Zambrano doesn’t understand why his comments led to such a firestorm. “What’s the big deal about this? I said what I said yesterday because I was frustrated. At the same time, we’re a team. We’re grown men and I know when I make a mistake. I came to Marmol today before anybody talked to me and I talked to him and apologized to him about the comment I said. Like I said yesterday, we all need to get better. That’s my point. In a moment of frustration yesterday made me say what I said.”
  • But Zambrano understands that, when he says something like this, it’s scrutinized more heavily because of his past. “Somebody has to say something. It doesn’t have to be me because every time I open my mouth it’s obviously a big thing.”
  • Even though things are hunky dory now, there are still calls for the Cubs to trade Zambrano. The calls don’t really interest me – they’re reactionary, and, more importantly, wrong – but the idea that Zambrano could accept a trade and bring the Cubs back value does interest me. Zambrano is under contract for one more year, and would be hard to replace, but he makes a whole lot of money, and has a lot of tread on the tires. If the Cubs can move him for prospects, other than losing a guy who’s good for a story once a week, I can’t see a good reason not to deal him.
  • Bruce Levine says Zambrano would probably welcome a trade at this point, and suggests the Yankees as a landing spot. Levine suggests the Cubs ask for Joba Chamberlain or Brett Gardner, together with some prospects. If not the Yankees, Levine says the Cubs should be on the horn with the other 28 teams, letting them know Z is available. What’s interesting: Levine is not a columnist, so these kind of overt suggestions are rare for him. In fact, he almost never says things like this unless the wheels are already in motion.
  • Joe Cowley goes so far as to say that Zambrano’s comments were designed to alert the Cubs and the world that he wants out. Given the backpedaling and apologies today, I’m not sure I agree.
  • Zambrano says he’s happy with the Cubs, wants to be a Cub forever, and doesn’t “want to focus on being traded or whatever.”

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Author: Brett Taylor

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