Don't Expect to See Brett Jackson Any Time Soon and Other Bullets

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Don’t Expect to See Brett Jackson Any Time Soon and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The Phillies really are a crappy reward for finally ending an eight-game losing streak.

  • The Cubs might not consider calling up top positional prospect Brett Jackson until rosters expand in September. I’m actually OK with this for two reasons: (1) Jackson missed a lot of time in May with a hand injury and he’s still getting his season back together, and (2) Alfonso Soriano is due back in a week and Marlon Byrd is due back a few weeks later. I don’t think anyone wants to see Brett Jackson on the team with Soriano/Byrd/Fukudome all healthy, lest he receive the Colvin/LeMahieu bench treatment.
  • Ryan Dempster almost didn’t make his excellent start yesterday. Rodrigo Lopez warmed up when Dempster complained of hip soreness. Dempster battled through, but does have a minor hip strain. He says he’s not worried, but we’ve danced that dance before. I’m assuming his season is over. (Massive hyperbole.)
  • Shawon Dunston is thrilled that the Cubs drafted his son, but he gave no indication as to whether his son will actually sign with the Cubs. Trevor Gretzky is also going to be very tough to sign. The thing to remember about these two kids in particular – they aren’t the only “tough signs” the Cubs drafted, they just get discussed the most because of their  parentage. But, that said, their parentage is actually a reason to discuss their signability: because each comes from a wealthy family, the monetary incentive to sign just because the Cubs are throwing cash at you isn’t as strong as it is for other prospects.
  • Mark Grace got a DUI, which is simultaneously unsurprising and contemptible. In a completely unrelated story that I’m choose to post within this bullet for reasons I will leave to your imagination, the Astros and Rangers each drafted a paralyzed player in the draft yesterday, which was pretty cool of them.
  • The Cubs are surveying locals to see what features they’d like to have included in the long-discussed Triangle Building.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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