Crazy Pitcher Explodes at Mike Quade and Other Curiously-Phrased Bullets

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Crazy Pitcher Explodes at Mike Quade and Other Curiously-Phrased Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Fight! Fight! Fight! It’s interesting how this Dempster/Quade thing has been framed. It was kind of an ugly scene, but it’s quickly become not a big deal. Can you imagine the WEEKS worth of stories if Carlos Zambrano had done the same thing?

  • When he was told that he was being pulled from the game in favor of a pinch hitter in the top of the 6th last night (after 87 pitches), Ryan Dempster erupted at Mike Quade. He shouted “no way,” threw his glove and cap down, and stormed off into the clubhouse. After the game – shocker – everyone says it’s no big deal.
  • “I think guys used to do that all the time,” Dempster said. “People called them ‘fiery,’ and they loved it. Now they call them ‘out of control’ or whatever it is…. There’s nothing bad about today. I tried to beat my little brother up, and I love my brother to death. Sometimes you just go through things during the season, and you’ve got to figure out a way to move past them.” Dempster didn’t talk to Quade after the game, though.
  • Quade said it was just a case of a pitcher trying to stay in the game. “That’s what they do. Happens all the time. He was a little more forceful in his attempt to convince me. … The volume, I guess, was probably as irritating, but [Carlos Zambrano has] been pretty good from time to time.”
  • Quade did use the event to reiterate his belief that veterans and younger players should be treated differently. “If it’s happening because a guy is a competitor and is pissed off, even if it’s my decision, I’m OK with that. He’s earned the right, as much as anyone, from a veterans’ standpoint. If a young kid does that, we might have a little different [reaction].”
  • Jeff Samardzija a starter? He said he’s heard rumblings about it, and he’s ready. “I said for a long time that’s what I want to do.” That’s all well and good, but you finally got this kid pitching well after yo-yo’ing him for years. Now you want to do some more yo-yo’ing?
  • Surprise: Aramis Ramirez doesn’t want to be an All-Star. “I’d rather take the three days off.”
  • Darwin “Clutch” Barney.
  • Matt Szczur was finally bumped up to High A Daytona.
  • Augie Ojeda was bumped from the organization.

Author: Brett Taylor

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