Jeff Samardzija isn't Joining the Rotation "Right Now" and Other Bullets

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Jeff Samardzija isn’t Joining the Rotation “Right Now” and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I admire the restraint of Chicago writers – not one did the hacky “Cubs can’t beat Wang” thing, or the “Cubs’ offense flaccid against Wang” thing, or the “Nationals’ Wang stands firm in win over Cubs” thing, or the “Hey, the Cubs lost to a big penis” thing after last night’s loss. Did I say admire? Scratch that. I’m a little disappointed.

  • Also disappointed? Matt Garza. It was another quality start for the Cubs’ new ace, but another non-win. Save for the two sixth inning homers, Garza was pretty dominant, striking out nine in six innings.
  • Starlin Castro’s homer gave him a run scored in his 10th straight game.
  • As solid as Jeff Samardzija has been in the pen this year, the questions about him moving back to the rotation (for the record that would be his *eighth* switch) were going to arise. Mike Quade isn’t ready to completely squash it as a possibility down the road. Not right now, not that I’ve even considered it in the least,” manager Mike Quade said when asked if there were plans to move Samardzija back into the rotation. “I think, once again, I’m so happy with his development – so happy with the way he’s throwing the ball. For now, we should just leave it at that.”
  • Apropos of nothing, Dave Kaplan tweeted this: “[CSN’s Patrick Mooney] says major Cubs moves will come in the offseason.” Whether that means, “hooray! Get excited about the upcoming offseason which is going to be awesome!” or, “don’t get your hopes up for much to happen in August, because if stuff happens, it’ll be in the offseason” remains unclear. I asked. Nobody answered. So, I guess for now, it will remain a small statement, floating out there in space.
  • The Cubs wanted to make up Monday’s rainout with a doubleheader, but the Nats refused. Apparently, in such a situation, the Players’ Union decides. They opted for the Nationals’ plan, which was a day game on Thursday.
  • A day after mentioning 18-year-old AZL prospect Marco Hernandez in the Bullets, another 18-year-old AZL prospect gets a mention: Gioskar Amaya is hitting .366/.401/.486 in 155 PA. He’s split time evenly between shortstop, third base, and second base, but his time at shortstop has been errorless (which is pretty hard to do in the lower levels of the minor leagues).
  • Gene Wojciechowski explains why Ron Santo belongs in the Chicago Hall of Fame before Ernie Banks, which includes, perhaps, the best quote I’ve read about Santo’s exclusion from the MLB Hall of Fame (from Bill James): “To me it is clear and unequivocal that Santo is a Hall of Famer. … Putting guys like George Kell, Freddy Lindstrom and Tony Lazzeri in the Hall of Fame while you leave out Ron Santo is like putting Dalmatians, Palominos and Siamese in the zoo while you let the lions roam the streets.”
  • Fox has said its MLB viewership is up 5% over last year. How big has the attendance decline been this year among MLB teams? If it’s around 5%, it’s good to know that the popularity of the sport isn’t declining – just the appetite for ballpark costs.
  • Mike Quade discusses baseball cards, because, why not?

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