Can We Pretend Things Besides Theo Epstein Matter? and Other Bullets

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Can We Pretend Things Besides Theo Epstein Matter? and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

As you’ve seen across the web this morning, everyone is running with the WEEI report that the Chicago Cubs and Theo Epstein have agreed to a deal that will bring Epstein to Chicago for five years, and something north of $15 million (which report I listened to live, and wrote about some four hours ago, but whateves). That rumor/news makes the rest of what’s going on in the Cubs’ world seem relatively small, but let’s pretend we’re not totally preoccupied …

  • The NLCS is not exactly an enjoyable watch for Cubs fans – Brewers? Cardinals? Sigh. But it looks like our antipathy for the Cards trumps the Brewers – 68% of Cubs fans would prefer to see the Brewers win. Would you like me to punch you in the groin, or kick you in the groin?
  • Robin Ventura was surprised when he was offered the White Sox managerial job, but probably not as shocked as Paul Konerko to learn that he was also considered. “Well, it was considered long enough for me to realize that Paul is a very cerebral person and he would probably drive himself nuts right now playing and managing at the same time,” White Sox GM Kenny Williams said. “But that’s the kind of respect I have for him that yeah, I did consider it. Then I thought I think I would rather him be focused more on hitting third or fourth in the lineup and driving in 100 runs rather than trying to worry about 25 other guys in addition to it. We are trying to win.” The sun shines brighter on the North Side every day.
  • The 200 pages of plans for the Cubs’ Mesa Spring Training complex/vacation destination facility have been released after the final agreements were hammered out.
  • Relatedly, Arizona State regents approved a 30-year plan for the school’s baseball team to play at the Cubs’ Spring Training facilities. They are expected to begin playing there in 2014, and will pay the Cubs rent after the first $1.1 million in tickets, concessions, and parking. Synergy! I suddenly feel like I should be a Sun Devil baseball fan.
  • Chicago has a ton of diehard female fans, says ESPNW.
  • This will probably get its own write-up in the coming days, depending on what happens, but the Boston Globe has a pretty salacious retelling of the Boston Red Sox’s September collapse, which reminds me a whole lot of college. Booze, chicken, and video games feature prominently. Only a few women, which, yeah, sounds about right.
  • Brian Cashman is expected to get a new deal from the Yankees to stay on as GM, which, like, duh.
  • Oh, by the way … did you hear that the Cubs have agreed to terms with Theo Epstein, pending final discussions with the Red Sox? SQUEAL! (Buster Olney says the deal is five years and $15 million, but with an additional $3.5 million bonus Epstein was supposed to get from the Sawx, which will now be paid by the Cubs.)

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.