Theo Compensation Talks "Moving Along" and Other Bullets

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Theo Compensation Talks “Moving Along” and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

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  • After a day full of “contentious” this and “personal vendetta” that, some sources are now suggesting that the discussions between the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox are moving along. The Globe’s Peter Abraham now hears that talks between the two sides are “civil” and “business-like,” and are expected to continue that way through today. Maybe the Cubs have already put together a backup plan, which is pressuring the Sawx to be a bit more reasonable. We may never know.
  • Carrie Muskat has said repeatedly what many of us have speculated: Brett Jackson is not going to the Red Sox. This is just a guess, but, I suspect that when we finally do see the package, we’ll find it funny that some were suggesting Jackson’s name in the first place.
  • A Boston perspective on “what Theo is getting himself into” by coming to Chicago. Get a couple people to toss you some quotes about “100 years,” and apparently you’ve got a column.
  • Nick Cafardo tosses another log onto the Josh-Byrnes-to-join-Theo-Epstein-in-Chicago fire (er, well, not “Chicago fire”). I’ll say it again, having a guy like Byrnes – capable of being an effective GM in his own right – working together with Theo? Squeal.
  • Ken Rosenthal speculates that the Cubs’ and Red Sox’s next fight could be over Ryne Sandberg, which, like, I guess might be true. But there’s not a whole lot there there, so to speak. Early reports suggested Sandberg was not on Epstein’s short list of managerial candidates in Chicago.
  • Josh Vitters is destroying the AFL, hitting .405 after another 4-5 day on Friday. Andrew Cashner made his third appearance, giving up two runs in an inning of work. John Gaub and Steve Clevenger are underway in the Dominican Winter League.
  • The Cubs are still looking for a resort partner in their Mesa Wrigleyville West development plans.
  • The Nationals as an example of how long it takes to rebuild a franchise like the Cubs, even when you start spending big bucks. Mike Rizzo and the Nationals have been at the rebuilding process for three years, and, setting aside the Jayson Werth debacle, it’s been a good three years. And yet, they’re still not there.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.