Royals' GM Clarifies His Carlos Zambrano Comments and Other Bullets

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Royals’ GM Clarifies His Carlos Zambrano Comments and Other Bullets

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Mike Maddux comes in for an interview today (suck it, Boston), and we’ll have more on that and some rumors later today. Until then, bullets…

  • Royals’ GM Dayton Moore clarified his comments yesterday about the Royals having interest in Carlos Zambrano, concededly doing so because talking about acquiring a player under contract with another team is a no-no (no matter how much that player’s current team would love other GMs to publicly discuss how much they want that player). “It’s our job as a baseball operations department to listen and explore every potential opportunity that would improve our team,” Moore said. “We spend countless hours doing so and we invite everybody’s opinion as to how it pertains to how we could improve our team. And if one of our people brought up Carlos Zambrano, I would listen and ask questions about why they believe that. That’s all that was and I responded in that spirit.”
  • As expected, the Cubs will bring in Sandy Alomar, Jr. for an interview later this week. Alomar, who has been coaching since retiring from a 20-year catching career in 2007, is interviewing with the Red Sox today. Given Alomar’s relative lack of experience, he strikes me as the “high risk, high reward” candidate in the Cubs’ group. Then again, none of the Cubs’ primary candidates has much managerial experience (if any), so I guess they’ve all got that risk associated with them.
  • Speaking of managerial interviews, it sounds like the Cardinals interviewed Terry Francona yesterday (apparently they aren’t doing the post-interview media thing, a la the Cubs and Red Sox), and will be interviewing Ryne Sandberg today (along with third base coach Jose Oquendo – two interviews in one day? Either the interviews aren’t all that comprehensive (or are “first” interviews), or the candidates are being passed around during their day of interviews).
  • Ken Rosenthal says there was “significant progress” in collective bargaining agreement talks yesterday, but doesn’t go into detail beyond that. So, um, swell.
  • Carrie Muskat takes questions, and notes that the managerial search is not about loyalty or popularity – it seems she’s gotten fed up with Ryne Sandberg emails.
  • 10,000 days since the Ryne Sandberg Game.
  • Obstructed View interviews Bill James.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.