Why Andrew Cashner Should Pitch Out of the Pen and Other Bullets

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Why Andrew Cashner Should Pitch Out of the Pen and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

In years past, there have been a number of big signings – if not trades – over the weekend before the Winter Meetings, so, stand by, I guess. More on the CBA and a hearty Lukewarm Stove later today. Until then, Bullets…

  • It’s early, but, for now, David DeJesus is expected to be the Cubs’ leadoff hitter in 2012. Though not a huge base-stealing threat, DeJesus sees a lot of pitches, gets on base at a decent clip, and is a very good baserunner. The lineup could still shake out any number of ways, but here’s hoping the next three spots look something like Castro, Headley, Fielder …
  • Keith Law says Andrew Cashner could be one of the best relievers in baseball, but believes the Cubs should still give him a look as a starter. The best way to do that, according to Law, is to let Cashner pitch out of the pen this year – but for longer stints, which will get him near 80 innings on the year, and put him in a position to start in 2013 (which is actually how things played out with Jeff Samardzija, for what it’s worth). Keep in mind, Cashner is coming off – essentially – a season-long shoulder injury, and has never thrown more than 115 innings in a professional season.
  • Jed Hoyer recently said it was “fair” to consider Bryan LaHair primarily a first baseman. If that’s true, and he isn’t going to be the starter, is there a spot for him on the roster next year? Not if all of Jeff Baker, Blake DeWitt, Tony Campana and Tyler Colvin are going to be on the roster.
  • Rick Morrissey says the Cubs should go after Albert Pujols (but does so by way of a convoluted “I’m the only one who thinks 2011 was an anomaly, and Pujols wasn’t bad in 2011” way. Rick: nobody thinks Pujols was bad in 2011), and takes to task folks who say signing Pujols to a huge deal would be a mistake (such people, Morrissey says, include those who “have spent the past month parsing everything Theo Epstein has uttered in news conferences.” Wonder whom he might be referring to there.).
  • Deadspin has been blowing up Pujols’ agent, Dan Lozano, for a couple weeks now. I make no conclusions about the veracity, but … ugly stuff.
  • Multiple sources say Aramis Ramirez is expected to get an offer from the Los Angeles Angels soon. Fine. Good luck. Wish you’d accepted a trade there in 2011.
  • The Cubs will hold a tree-lighting ceremony at Wrigley Field tomorrow at 5pm CT, hosted by Ernie Banks and Tom Ricketts, to be followed by a free hour of ice skating. Sometimes it’s ok to just think something is sweet. We don’t have to be cynical about everything.
  • BN reader John wanted to make spots in his season ticket group available to other BN readers. The gist: John is a long time season ticket holder with 8 seats in the first row of section 235, looking for new members in his group. Tickets are divvied up thusly: Full membership – 80 tickets, 19 games of 4, 2 of 2 (White Sox & Red Sox), 1/2 membership – 40 tickets, 9 games of 4, 2 of 2. Per game average is $48/ticket. If you or a “mini group” are looking for a way to get into a season ticket share for 2012, shoot John an email: JohnJNolanJr AT yahoo.com.
  • Meta: someone (or someones) among you has (have) been submitting BN articles to Stumbleupon. I just wanted to say: thanks. You’re awesome. One of many random, anonymous cool things that you folks seem to do on a regular basis. It does not go unappreciated.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.