Nyjer Morgan Loves Cats

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Nyjer Morgan Loves Cats

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Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Nyjer Morgan is a polarizing figure. Not in a love-him-or-hate-him kind of way, mind you. More of a hate-him-or-try-to-ignore-him kind of way.

Depending on your bent, what follows may make you hate Morgan even more, or kinda, sorta start to admire him. Nyjer Morgan really, really likes his new kitten:

(h/t Craig Calcaterra)

For me, I’m powerfully conflicted. On the one hand, I find Nyjer Morgan to be almost wholly insufferable. His antics are at once lame, hacky, and obnoxious. I don’t find him to be a particularly compelling baseball player either, and certainly not one good enough to excuse the kind of crap he pulls.

On the other hand.

Wookatdatwittlekitten! A man who loves cats – nay, a man who loves cats enough to appear in a PETA video in support of cat adoption is a man I can cheer for. I’ve made my cat love no secret – yes, I’m a younger, slightly more masculine version of the crazy cat lady – so I’m on board with all of that.

So, what am I to do? I’m going to try to keep on disliking him. But it will be difficult.

Someone get Matt Garza to appear in one of these things stat so that I can re-shift my focus. Speaking of Garza and cats, we now have an official cat’s pajamas image to commemorate Garza’s favorite affectionate expression:

Thanks to BN’er Terry for the picture, which he took himself. Yes. It’s a real book cover.

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