Randy Wells is Upset and Other Bullets

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Randy Wells is Upset and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I am most definitely still feeling chippy about yesterday’s game (and all Marmol-related discussion will come later in its own post)…

  • When asked how the Cubs could get past such a frustrating loss, Ryan Dempster, the man who should probably be more frustrated than anyone, stayed positive. “Through leaders in the clubhouse,” Dempster said of how you recover. “We can either hang our heads and sulk or accept what happened today, learn from it, move on and win a game [Friday]. We have a really good team [with the Dodgers coming to Wrigley Field].” Dempster’s ERA sank below one yesterday, so at least there’s that.
  • Randy Wells was upset about his demotion yesterday (in favor of Dempster, who was masterful): “No, I kind of hate it actually; I’m not happy. I didn’t pitch well so there is nobody really to blame but yourself. It still sucks. You obviously want to pitch well and put yourself in a good position, but the numbers just don’t stack up. It is what it is.” It would be nice if Wells could go back to Iowa and tear it up. That would help his own chances of being called up the next time the Cubs need a starter (rather than, for example, Travis Wood, Casey Coleman, or Chris Rusin), and would help the Cubs when the trade deadline comes around (either by trading Wells or by having confidence that they can trade another starter, and slide Wells back into the rotation).
  • Dale Sveum says that Kerry Wood, who also returned yesterday from the DL, will probably not start back out in the 8th inning. Instead he’ll be eased back into things in lower leverage situations.
  • David Schofield offers a great write-up on the feel-good story of the year: Bryan LaHair. Let’s remember things like that when we’re gnashing our teeth about games like yesterday’s. LaHair did homer, after all.
  • Ian Stewart explains his crucial error in the 9th yesterday, and it doesn’t sound like he thinks he was trying to do too much with the Brandon Phillips hopper (men on first and second, nobody out – it looked like Stewart was thinking about trying to turn a triple play). “I thought the best chance for me to field the ball was to try to get an angle on it and charge it,” said Stewart. “I was just thinking that was the best way for me to field it. I think if I would have got it my momentum was carrying me toward the line and third was right there.”
  • A reminder on language in the comments: I’m not a heavy-handed moderator, and you guys do a great job of using your judgment and policing yourself. Yesterday was a particularly frustrating day, and there was a lot of (understandable) venting going on. I don’t really have a problem with it. But let’s not make f-bombs a regular occurrence. They don’t bother me, but they do bother some folks. So, be respectful, and be judicious. Very occasionally, it’s OK, but, for all other times, save it for the Game Thread.
  • MLBullets at BCB, featuring the possibility of the end of the Mariano Rivera era (and, no, I don’t see the Yankees coming calling about Carlos Marmol unless Larry Rothschild thinks he can “fix” the problem – and, even then, don’t expect to get more than about $400K in salary relief (I’m not exaggerating)).

Author: Brett Taylor

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