I Want to Party With Theo and Billy Corgan and Other Bullets

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I Want to Party With Theo and Billy Corgan and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Josh Hamilton can hit a baseball, eh?

  • Kerry Wood, who gave up the two-run margin in last night’s loss before angrily tossing his glove and hat into the stands, wasn’t too thrilled when reporters asked him about that frustrated act. “Irrelevant, dude. Why the [bleep] would you even bring that up?” Wood then cut off questions, and walked away. I actually didn’t think it was a big deal, and he undoubtedly made the nights of two Cubs fans, who otherwise would have left pissed off and without a story.
  • Before that, Wood spoke about his performance, in which he said he threw good pitches (beg to differ…). “The shoulder is great and that’s the frustrating thing,” said Wood. “I bounced back from the [cortisone] injection and the shoulder feels great, stuff feels fine. I actually threw some good curveballs tonight for the first time in a while. It’s all about results and I didn’t have any tonight.”
  • Tickets go on sale Saturday for the June 14 Hot Stove Cool Music concert at Metro in Chicago featuring Smashing Pumpkins (headed by super-awesome-musical-genius-screw-you-if-you-think-otherwise Billy Corgan, a big Cubs fan), the Figgs, Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents, members of Buffalo Tom and the Hot Stove All-Stars. Theo Epstein is also scheduled to perform, along with Len Kasper and Bob Brenly. Proceeds benefit Cubs Charities and Theo Epstein’s Foundation to Be Named Later. The Red Sox are in town the next day, and so am I. Which means I’ll miss the chance to party with Theo and Billy by one day. If they just met me, they’d totally want to be my friend, and we’d go on adventures together!
  • FanGraphs looks at Starlin Castro versus other young stars through the years, and concludes that he’s good. Yup.
  • It’s time to start really thinking about the 2012 Draft, which is less than a month away. If you’re into mock drafts, John Sickels’ Minor League Ball has put together mocks for the first round and the supplemental first round. Right now, they have the Cubs taking Puerto Rican high school shortstop Carlos Correa with the sixth overall pick, JuCo pitcher Dylan Baker at number 43, and then high school outfielder Travis Jankowski at number 56. It’s a fun dance, but keep in mind: because MLB teams don’t really draft to a need, projecting whom they’ll pick after the first round is a total guessing game, unless there have been some private workouts or leaks of targets.
  • Speaking of the Draft, Baseball America’s Jim Callis lists the amount available to sign each first rounder (the Cubs get $3.25 million added to their bonus pool (recall, the gist of the new Draft rules is that you get a pool of cash to use on the first 10 rounds of the Draft, and if you go over, there are penalties) for the sixth overall pick, which last year cost $5 million to sign). Speaking of amateur signings, Baseball America’s Ben Badler looks at all the shady ways teams might try to circumvent the international signing limitations.
  • There continues to be a number of good conversations going on over at the Message Board, including Dale Sveum’s decision to use Carlos Marmol the other night in a tight game, some Harry Caray bathroom humor (not what it sounds like), Guillermo Mota’s ridiculous explanation for his second PED positive test, and even how to be a good t-ball coach. Check ’em out, and join the discussions, or start some of your own.
  • Today’s MLBullets at BCB focus, predictably, on Josh Hamilton’s feat.

Author: Brett Taylor

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