More Ryan Dempster Trade Speculation and Other Bullets

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More Ryan Dempster Trade Speculation and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are on pace to go 55-107, which would be the most games they’ve ever lost (103 is the previous high).

  • Gordon Wittenmyer looks at the Cubs most likely to be traded this Summer, and the names are all familiar. Of most interest in the piece is Wittenmyer’s belief that Ryan Dempster would not stand in the way of a trade to a contender (Gordon notes that Dempster’s already sold his house in Chicago), and belief that the Cubs probably don’t want to rely on being able to pick up free agent compensation for Dempster if they don’t trade him. Recall, if the Cubs keep Dempster, the only way they can receive compensation under the new CBA is if they make him a “qualifying offer” (a one-year deal worth the average of the top 125 salaries in MLB, or about $12.5 million), he declines, and then signs elsewhere. It would indeed be risky to rely on all of that playing out rather than accepting a reasonable trade this Summer – again, assuming Dempster doesn’t veto the deal.
  • So, our #CubsHell party on Twitter was a huge success – so huge, in fact, that my plans to write a round-up of the best entries will take some time. I’d expected maybe a couple hundred to go through, not thousands. We started around 3pm CT yesterday, and it’s *STILL* going on. For a while, it was the number one trending topic in Chicago. You done well, folks. I’ll have that write-up at some point, but likely not today.
  • Anthony Rizzo is up to number 20 (from 36) on Keith Law’s prospect rankings. Law indicates that Rizzo’s approach at the plate this year is improved from last year, and it isn’t just a matter of Rizzo tearing up a league he’s repeating.
  • My post on the various upsides of the Cubs sucking in 2012 was discussed at length by Dan McNeil and Matt Spiegel on their morning show on the Score yesterday, which was swell. McNeil last night offered some additional reasons that we can still enjoy this season, even if the Cubs keep losing. A couple of highlights: cheaper tickets on the secondary market, and Len and Bob in rare form during blowouts.
  • Phil Rogers notes that no cavalry will be arriving to save this year’s club. It’s an obvious point, but when was the last time it was worth making as early as May?
  • Paul Maholm is excited to return to Pittsburgh for a start on Saturday. There will even be a fireworks display in his honor (probably in his honor).
  • Luke D over at the Message Board found a freaking treasure trove of interest, entertainment, and depression, all in the form of a Baseball America Cubs prospect chat with Jim Callis … from nine years ago. Ugh. You’ll chuckle for a while, but then you’ll just be really bummed out. I promise. Spare yourself, and don’t click on this link.
  • BN’er Coal was at Kerry Wood’s final game last week, and passed along a set a four photos he took of Woody’s appearance. Pretty cool to look at these pictures, from the seats, and know this was the last time he was taking the mound.
  • The MLBullets at BCB talk about the Steinbrenners possibly selling the Yankees (when you’ve got all the money in the world, do you really need to sell the Yankees to get more?).

Author: Brett Taylor

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