Shawn Camp is an MVP Apparently and Other Bullets

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Shawn Camp is an MVP Apparently and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I’ve got a kickball game tonight, but I have Alfonso Soriano knee going on. I made a ridiculous, over-the-shoulder, diving catch (I can only assume I looked like this) last week, but landed hard on my right knee. I can’t really grouse about the pain because it’s a “kickball injury,” but man, it’s been giving me trouble this week. But, like Soriano, I can’t sit out. It isn’t in my DNA. I just have to resist the urge to dive again today.

  • Dale Sveum is rightly singing Shawn Camp’s praises after yesterday’s brilliant performance, and his season-long solid effort. “You can’t say enough about Shawn Camp this year,” said Sveum. “We put him in all these different roles and the way he gets out left handed hitters. The fact of the matter is he is probably our MVP up to this point …. He was always had a rubber arm and we are able to get him up and down and back to back to back days. Nothing really seems to faze him.” That sound you hear is Shawn Camp’s value on the trade market ticking up.
  • Jeff Samardzija offered a wonderful quote about winning yesterday on his own bobblehead day: “You don’t want to pitch bad and go outside and see your bobblehead smashed all over the pavement. You want to keep the game close and hopefully people go put them in their room now or something, instead of in the trash.”
  • The Cubs don’t really have a “closer” after the demotion of Rafael Dolis, and instead, save opportunities will be dictated by the situation, and spread out among James Russell, Shawn Camp, and Casey Coleman. One might emerge as a great option, but it’s also possible that Carlos Marmol will have a couple decent middle relief outings, and the Cubs will give him the closer’s job back. As they should: the only way Marmol is going to gain any value at all (enough to be dumped) is if he’s pitching well in high leverage situations.
  • Alfonso Soriano is finally getting consistent love from fans at Wrigley Field, as he should be. Not only does he continue to work hard and play improved defense in left field, but he’s killing the ball. His numbers parallel those of Albert Pujols this year, but Soriano’s actually been better than Pujols since the two have been on their respective hot streaks. That all said, the second the Cubs get an offer for a deal that would save them $5 million of the $48ish million they still owe him, they should take it. That remains the best they can hope for.
  • The folks walking from Arizona to Wrigley Field with a goat in an effort to “crack the curse” (and raise money for charity) arrived this weekend, and were at Wrigley Field yesterday.
  • Dillon Maples says he’s not necessarily expecting to be pitching in games until late July.
  • MLBullets at BCB discusses the Roy Oswalt signing, as well as the Roy Halladay and Roy Weaver, er Jered Weaver, injuries.
  • Nate Silver does his Nate Silver thing, and ranks MLB ballparks using data, and Wrigley comes in 10th.
  • From the Chicago Reader, an opinion piece titled “Hey, Mayor Rahm: Don’t give the Cubs our money!” Catchy headline. Don’t give the Cubs “our money” … you know, the tax money collected by the city and county on Cubs tickets. Yeah! Don’t give the lousy Cubs any portion of that money that they gave to us! Yeah!

Author: Brett Taylor

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