Trade Deadline Blogathon: Hour 20

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Trade Deadline Blogathon: Hour 20

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I am currently blogging – here, on Facebook, and on Twitter (hash tag #BNBlogathon for those who want to jump into the fray themselves) – for 30 hours straight, until slightly past MLB’s July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. I’ll be doing recaps on the process throughout the day, but you’ll also see normal posting (Bullets, Series Preview, Pre-Gamin’, EBS), as well as an uptick in rumor/trade posts.

Ok. This has become hard. Obviously I knew it would be hard – that was the whole point. And I also knew that this time of day might be the worst, even worse than the very end of the 30 hours. My thoughts are running together. I’m tired. But I’m artificial stimulated (I’m not tired enough to know how that sounds). My stomach doesn’t feel so great.

I’m reminded of why, through law school and years of lawyering, I never pulled an all-nighter. Some folks are just built for it, and I’m not one of those folks. Even if it’s just a couple hours, I need sleep.

The sun will be a welcome sight.

Total Posts So Far:

24 (and a WHOLE bunch of updates).

News and Rumors Since the Last Recap:

The Diamondbacks are trying to put together a “blockbuster,” which may or may not include the likes of Cliff Lee or *gasp* Felix Hernandez.

Most Interesting Tidbit Since the Last Recap:

It’s that Diamondbacks bit, no doubt (Ken Rosenthal appears to be the only writer burning the way-after-midnight oil. Good on him.). If they snag a tip-top pitcher, how do the Giants and Dodgers not respond?

Current Thoughts About the Chicago Cubs’ Trade Deadline Strategy/Execution:

Still feeling good about the direction. If the Cubs closed up shop right now, having dealt only Maholm, Johnson, and Soto, I’d probably be a bit annoyed (mostly about Dempster). But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Current Beverage/Stimulant of Choice:

I’ve finally cracked one of the energy drinks. A “Rockstar Perfect Berry.” They oversold it. It tastes like carbonated Pepto-Bismol. And I’m pretty sure it’s having the opposite effect on my stomach.

Strangest Thought Passing Through My Mind:

I think about running down my driveway, just to run. Not, like, to get away. And not necessarily to exercise. But just to run. I haven’t done it yet. But I might.

A Selection of #BNBlogathon Tweets:

Current Mood:

I can’t lie. I’m weary.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.