The Cubs Have an Unfair Recruiting Advantage and Other Bullets

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The Cubs Have an Unfair Recruiting Advantage and Other Bullets

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Think Melky Cabrera is a huge Felix Hernandez fan today? I find a couple things interesting about the Melky situation (he tested positive for a PED, in case you hadn’t heard): (1) everyone is quick to say that he just lost $50 to $60 million in free agency, but would he have even been in a position to get that kind of money if he hadn’t juiced in the first place? and (2) to his credit – and this was probably long pre-planned – his statement was pretty much, “yup, I did it, and it was a mistake. I’m sorry.” Quite refreshing to hear that, actually. Some team is going to get a buy low opportunity on him this offseason, but it’s going to be very hard to know whether he’s even worth that.

  • Dale Sveum sums up why the Cubs, presently, have an unfair recruiting advantage when it comes to coaches and executives (maybe players, too, for the right kind of player): “It’ll be the biggest event in sports history when we win, there is no question about that,” Sveum said of the Cubs finally winning it all, according to ESPNChicago. “I was fortunate to be in Boston [as a coach in 2004], and after 86 years, that is as big a championship won in a long, long time. But when we win here it will be the biggest sports event in sports history, really.” Sveum, of course, wasn’t specifically commenting on the Cubs’ recruiting advantage, and I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s right there. I think coaches, executives, and many players truly get that winning with the Cubs would be different from winning anywhere else. They want to be a part of the team that finally does it. I hope the Cubs continue to use that extra incentive for as long as it’s useful – and I hope it’s not useful for much longer.
  • Chris Volstad’s ugly outing against the Astros this week wasn’t enough to bounce him from the rotation. He’ll start again on Sunday against the Reds.
  • The time line remains a bit fuzzy to me, but Dale Sveum says he was never offered the Boston managerial job (you’ll recall, he literally interviewed with both the Cubs and Red Sox at the same time, together with Mike Maddux and Pete Mackanin). He interviewed with both, was offered the Cubs job, and accepted the Cubs job. Who knows how things would have played out if Boston had come through with the offer sooner (vague reports out of Boston at the time had it that GM Ben Cherington wanted Sveum or Maddux, but ownership wanted an older, more experienced manager – how’s that working out?)?
  • Bits on Brett Jackson’s continued progress. He’s working hard with the coaches every day, and knows that all the moving parts in his swing (to me, the head movement is most notable) are going to have to go. “I’ve always gotten away with movement because I have really fast hands, so I could move and still catch up to balls but it also leads to a lot of swings and misses and foul balls and a lot of strikeouts,” Jackson said. “We know that’s my favorite area of the game to talk about.”
  • Got 30 grand to spend on an “epic” Chicago Cubs experience? Groupon is offering – at an unspecified time – the opportunity to do all kinds of crazy stuff with the Cubs later this season for $30,000. Apparently the deal comes with the ability to bring along 13 friends. I don’t have $30,000 to spend on this opportunity, but I do have the weight of my thumb to come down upon any of you who might win that opportunity and not count me amongst your 13 included friends. I’m fun!
  • Pictures of the U.S. Navy Leap Frog Team parachuting into Wrigley Field before yesterday’s game.
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Author: Brett Taylor

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