I Owe You an Enhanced Box Score and Other Bullets

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I Owe You an Enhanced Box Score and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Well, the weather ain’t lookin’ so good for me and my buddy taking in today’s game. Given that it’s due to Hurricane Isaac, I can’t really complain – there are worse things.

  • Obviously Alfonso Soriano was not traded yesterday, and he reiterated his stance on not going to the Giants, the one team that really wanted him. “It’s very hard to play on the West Coast, especially on that field,” Soriano said. “It’s nothing against the team – they have a very good team. It’s more the city, because of the weather. They have a very good team that’s in first place. I know if I go to San Francisco, I won’t feel comfortable in the city. I’d feel comfortable on the team, but not in the city.” Shrug. I still can’t be mad at him. I may not fully understand it, but it’s his decision.
  • The Giants, however, are calling BS on Soriano’s stated reason for not going to San Francisco. “I’ve been in pretty much every division and when you play in a place like San Francisco your body lasts longer,” Giants outfielder Angel Pagan said, according to Doug Padilla. “When you get to September you feel a little bit of tiredness but it’s not as much as when you play in a humid place. It’s good, I like it.” Ryan Theriot agreed that the temperatures in San Francisco actually leave you more fresh, and added, “it is a big ballpark …. The National League West pitching is pretty dang good, too. From a hitter’s standpoint, there are a lot of things stacked up against you when you go out there.” In other words, the Giants think Soriano was scurred.
  • The Cubs’ goal for September? Don’t lose 100 games. On the season, that is. Not just in September. “I know it’s something I don’t want to be part of,” Rizzo said, per Paul Sullivan. “The magic number is down to 12 wins now. I was talking about it today. We’re not going to lose 100 games. It’s something we’re all motivated not to do.” Goals!
  • Ryan Theriot is back, and at least he’s not a Cardinal.
  • And, since I biffed on getting you an EBS last night after the game due to travel difficulties, you get it this morning as a part of the Bullets …

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.