Brandon Phillips Didn't Notice Darwin Barney's Errorless Streak and Other Bullets

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Brandon Phillips Didn’t Notice Darwin Barney’s Errorless Streak and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I cannot believe that the Brewers are now a full game ahead of the Pirates.

  • On the heels of the news that the Peoria Chiefs are now officially no longer affiliated with the Cubs, the Cubs have officially renewed their player development contract with High-A Daytona, where they’ll keep funneling their prospects for another couple years. Daytona GM was pleased, per the Daytona Beach News-Journal: “We’re very excited to know we’ll begin a third decade of affiliation with the Chicago Cubs. Especially with the Cubs’ renewed emphasis on player development since [team president] Theo Epstein and [general manager] Jed Hoyer joined the organization.” The reason for the delay in the extension isn’t known, though that article notes that the Cubs’ brass expressed some concerns about the team improving its on-site weight training and fitness facilities. Maybe the Cubs were holding back on the extension a little to secure some concessions in that area? After all, the Daytona Cubs are set to improve their facilities to the tune of $1.25 million, assuming a vote in the city commission goes through today. It’s fair to guess that those things are no unrelated. All in all, good for everyone involved.
  • Brandon Phillips on Darwin Barney’s errorless streak at second base, which I assume he said with a smile on his face: “I’ve been too busy winning. I worry about myself and this team. If you don’t play for the Reds, I don’t worry about you.” Phillips added some humble pie: “Everybody knows I’m the best defensive second baseman. I say errors don’t mean you’re a good defensive second baseman, it just means you get to the balls you get to. If I didn’t have any range, I wouldn’t make any errors the whole year.” And, yes, he said he should win the Gold Glove over Barney. I suspect a lot of you really hate Phillips now, but I’m not sure he’s actually being a cocky jerk, as these comments make him sound – I think he’s just talking big for the fun of it. That’s just my sense of him. Remember, he’s the same guy that took time in Spring Training to talk to Barney about the transition to second base, and offer Barney some tips.
  • Folks, don’t be this guy. It might seem funny at first (especially if you’re drunk, and it’s 1:30 am), and it might even elicit a little chuckle or two. But long-term, do you really want to be remembered as “that guy who got kicked out of Wrigley because he was making obscene gestures behind home plate”? (h/t to BN’er Spencer, who was presumably not the guy.)
  • Did you watch NBC’s new “epic-type” drama, ‘Revolution’? (I did – it was good enough to get me to watch another episode, but don’t call it the next ‘LOST’; there is no next ‘LOST’.) If you did, and you saw promos for it earlier this year, you would have noticed that, when a band of folks walks by Wrigley Field, the marquee has been changed so that it no longer says “2012 World Series Champions” as it did in those promos. That, of course, wasn’t the most unbelievable thing about the promos, though – the fact that Wrigley Field stood proudly still intact while all of the surrounding Wrigleyville buildings had deteriorated into nothingness was. If anything in that neighborhood is going to fall apart in the next 15 years, it’s Wrigley Field (AMIRITE, Mayor Emanuel?).
  • David DeJesus is the Cubs’ Roberto Clemente Award nominee this year. The award recognizes players’ contributions on and off the field, including service in the community and sportsmanship. You can vote for David here.
  • BN’er 5412 offers his offseason thoughts/predictions over at the Message Board.
  • Dusty Baker just managed his 3000th game.
  • The MLBullets at BCB look at the unfortunate situation in Toronto involving Yunel Escobar’s offending eye black.
  • We have the opportunity to play in a fantasy football contest this week – it’s easy, fun, and you can win money while supporting BN in the process. So sign up here. The full details are here.

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