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More Giants Loving and Other Bullets

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I recently started watching the first season of ‘Homeland.’ I’m up to episode six, and I can see what it won all of those awards. It’s kind of like ’24,’ but more realistic. Of course, it’s stretched out over many days, and no one screams, “Damn it, Chloe!” But it’s still really good.

  • By the power of Tidrow, the Giants took down the Cardinals last night in mighty fashion – the Cards were never even really in the game. Just one week ago, we were staring down the possibility of a Yankees/Cardinals World Series, and the world almost spun off its axis. But now it’s the Tigers and the Giants, and have no rooting interest whatsoever. Good work, Tigers and Giants.
  • Perhaps the best part of the Giants’ win is that now, when folks talk about the last team to lose a 3-1 lead in the NLCS, it will be the Cardinals and not the Cubs.
  • Matt Cain finally did hit Matt Holliday, possibly in retribution for Holliday’s dirty takeout slide of series MVP Marco Scutaro in Game Two. But the HBP came in Game Seven (nearly a week later) of an already-over game. Cain says it was inadvertent (it came on an 0-2 pitch), and maybe it was. If it wasn’t, I simultaneously think it was the right move, and a weak one.
  • The World Series starts tomorrow night at 7pm CT. While you wait with bated breath, here’s a look at the World Series throughout popular culture over the years. It’s a fun reflection.
  • Doug Padilla’s positional review of the 2012 Chicago Cubs (with an eye toward 2013) is winding down, and he looks at the bench situation. It, like so many other positions, is ugly – and it only got worse when a number of those bench bats became starters for stretches of the season. Dave Sappelt and Tony Campana look like decent bets for the bench in 2013, but other internal options won’t be determined until Spring Training at the earliest. And even Sappelt or Campana could be bounced by a signing or trade.
  • The Cubs gave a special tour of Wrigley Field to “Wounded Warriors” yesterday.
  • Also, did I mention that the Cardinals blew a 3-1 series lead to the Giants in the NLCS, culminating in a 9-0 whoopin’ last night? …

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