Fun Without Photoshop: Coyotes at Wrigley Field

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Fun Without Photoshop: Coyotes at Wrigley Field

Chicago Cubs

Sometimes you see a picture – or, in this case, conceptualize the contents of a picture – and you know, “well that’s just gotta be a photoshop.”

So when I heard that there was a picture of coyotes (like, of the actual, wild variety, not the Wile E. or the Phoenix hockey variety) at Wrigley Field, I knew there was some photoshop joke there.

But not so. Photographer Will Byington was in Wrigleyville late Saturday night when word started circulating around the Cubby Bear that there were coyotes prowling around outside. So he grabbed his camera, and boom, magnificence:

 (Kudos to Will Byington for the quick trigger – hit up his photography site as a thanks.)

Coyotes in suburban (and, in this case, borderline urban) Chicago is apparently not completely atypical, but you don’t usually see them roaming the streets looking for food/scalping Cubs tickets.

The picture is, of course, ripe for captioning, so give it a go if you’d care to. Otherwise, just enjoy the picture.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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