Adam Greenberg Gets Another Another Shot and Other Bullets

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Adam Greenberg Gets Another Another Shot and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The family and I are headed out later today for some holiday family visiting, and I’ll be on the road through mid-day on the 24th. Posting should be semi-normal throughout that period, though there may be some windows of time where I disappear for a bit while we drive. Obviously any and all breaking news and rumors will find their way on here, even if The Wife has to type it on my phone while I drive.

  • Adam Greenberg is getting more than just One At Bat, which the Marlins gave him at the end of last season (unfortunately, he got to face R.A. Dickey and his ridiculous knuckleball, and promptly struck out). Getting a meaningful comeback shot, though, was always the former Cubs prospect’s hope – the Orioles have signed the 31-year-old outfielder to a minor league contract, so he’ll get another shot to work his way up through the system. The deal does not come with a Spring Training invite, so it could be a long road. Best of luck to him, and I know I’ll be cheering for him.
  • Rafael Dolis comes in for a brief Vine Line profile, based on his Winter Ball experience in the Dominican Republic, where he’s pitched well in limited duty.
  • The MLBullets at BCB look at the early offseason winners and losers, on which there’s a whole lot of agreement about the Blue Jays, Marlins, and Astros. The MLBullets also include an interview with writer-turned-front-office-member Kevin Goldstein, which is worth a look.
  • Ryan Dempster was interviewed by the morning radio guys in Boston, and he spoke a bit about his time in Chicago – nothing earth-shattering or negative.
  • An interesting take from a Twins fan on the fact that the Cubs are set to sign Carlos Villanueva for two years and $10 million … the same contract the Twins gave to Kevin Correia. Count your blessings, Cubs fans, because we do have a few.
  • BN’er Dan sent me an email to pass along something cool the Cubs did, and he wanted me to share:

Hello from Ft Bliss, Tx. I am Daniel K. Foote, a retired 1SG who now works at the Fort Bliss Soldier Resilience and Readiness Center. This is where we process all of the soldiers arriving at and leaving Fort Bliss. We also process soldiers heading to and returning from the Middle East.

I wanted to share with you about what a Class Act the Chicago Cubs are.

I recently sent them an e-mail explaining that I am, basically, a Chicago Cubs addict. I maintain a spreadsheet with the results of every game (including scores) since 2007. It also has the won/loss record for EVERY year the franchise has been in existance and some other cool things. My cubicle at work is called a CUB-icle (because it’s all decked out in Chicago Cubs stuff). I also explained where I work and what we do here.

They sent me some things to pass on to the Chicago Cubs fans that we process. What a class act!

Needless to say, I am telling anyone and everyone who’ll listen, how much things like this mean to our soldiers serving this great nation.

  • Thank you to Dan for sharing, for doing what he does, and to the Cubs for being a classy organization.

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