Lukewarm Stove: A Lotta Matt Garza and Rick Porcello, and a Little Everything Else

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Lukewarm Stove: A Lotta Matt Garza and Rick Porcello, and a Little Everything Else

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stoveThe latest from around the rumor mill …

  • Although they would seem to merely be thoughts off the top of his head, Nick Cafardo discussed Matt Garza’s future in his recent Q&A, when asked whether the Red Sox should be interested in trading for Garza: “Oh yes, that’s always been on the back burner. Garza needs to show his elbow is OK. The Sox and Cubs could definitely be a good fit, but he fits with a lot of teams, so I think the Cubs will have a nice deal for him somewhere.” The latter thoughts are right on, from my perspective (i.e., a lot of teams would be interested if he shows he’s healthy), but it’s the “back burner” bit that caught my eye. Is Cafardo saying there have been affirmative discussions between the two sides on Garza, with a possible deal being placed on the back burner while Garza’s health situation sorts itself out? We’d previously heard suggestions of the Red Sox as a Garza fit, but I’m not sure that we’d previously heard of affirmative talks. Assuming the Sox don’t pick up someone like Kyle Lohse, this will be worth keeping an eye on next month (together with several other teams, obviously).
  • In the Nick Cafardo piece in which he discussed Alfonso Soriano (which spawned this piece), he also dropped some relevant thoughts on Michael Bourn (the market has shrunk considerably, and he’s likely to get far less than he hoped), Justin Upton (Mets, Rays, Red Sox, Phillies, and Orioles have all checked in), and Michael Morse (the Red Sox, Yankees, and Orioles are all interested, which could impact the Soriano market), among others.
  • The Rick Porcello rumors are picking up steam, though they aren’t necessarily involving the Cubs (in case you missed the Tigers/Orioles/Cubs three-way rumor last week). The Diamondbacks and Mariners have emerged as possible suitors for Porcello, though it seems unlikely that the Diamondbacks will land him (for that matter, given their densely packed rotation, I have to wonder if their interested was geared toward trying to pick up some other piece in a multiple-team move).
  • Jon Morosi adds that the Tigers are hoping to land a shortstop, a late-inning reliever, or a right-handed hitting outfielder in a deal involving Porcello. Assuming the Cubs aren’t interested in dealing Darwin Barney (who could be a shortstop to the Tigers), it’s worth noting that the Cubs do have a late-inning reliever likely available (Carlos Marmol), as well as a right-handed hitting outfielder (Alfonso Soriano). Various no-trade rights and contract issues could complicate a deal – indeed, if there was a clear fit, you’d figure a deal would have been done already – but, at least superficially, there’s a fit there.
  • Morosi goes on to say that the Orioles could just try and swap closer Jim Johnson for Porcello, which could interest both teams.
  • The Dodgers are considering Rafael Soriano, because sign all the players.
  • Jair Jurrjens says he’s healthy after an injury-filled 2012 season, and is already throwing off the mound. I still don’t think there’s as much upside there as people hope, but he’ll get a minor league deal somewhere (and will be one of the most talked about minor league deals, fairly or not).
  • The Rangers continue to monitor the Justin Upton and Michael Bourn markets. They’re going to do something before Opening Day. They just are.

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