Lukewarm Stove: Soriano Trade Market, DeJesus, Arroyo, Garza, Stanton, Price, Cano, More

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Lukewarm Stove: Soriano Trade Market, DeJesus, Arroyo, Garza, Stanton, Price, Cano, More

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stoveSpring Training games are just around the corner …

  • Apropos of nothing, Jon Heyman says, “#yankees would not give up a top or even good prospect for a. soriano. do think theyd pay $10M of the $36M to go” (sic, sic, sic, sic, sic). I mean … ok? They wouldn’t give up even a “good” prospect for Soriano, with the Cubs eating $26 million? Fine. Here’s my proposed follow-up tweet, in the style: “ok then #cubs would not trade a. soriano to #yankees.” The Cubs aren’t going to dump Soriano for a schlub just so they can “save” $10 million. They have absolutely no reason to do it. Either the Cubs get value for Soriano (assuming they pay a huge amount of his contract), or they keep him. No harm in that outcome. They’re not going to be looking for a tip-top prospect for Soriano. But a “good” prospect? Absolutely.
  • Speaking of which, SI’s Jay Jaffe takes a look at the teams that make the most sense for a Soriano trade, and comes up with the Orioles, Rangers, Rays, Mets and Yankees – all of which I’d agree with. He also mentions the Giants, the team to which Soriano blocked any possible trade last year before they went on to win the World Series. Jay mentions the World Series possibility as being enough to entice Soriano, but it’s not. He won’t go there.
  • Nick Cafardo reminds folks that David DeJesus is a possible trade chip for the Cubs: “While there’s more focus on where Alfonso Soriano might be dealt, don’t forget DeJesus. The former A’s outfielder is a pretty good player who would fit a few teams, including the Phillies, Orioles, and Red Sox. DeJesus could be a nice midseason chip for Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein.”
  • Separately, a source tells Cafardo that impending free agent Bronson Arroyo – who will be 37 next year – is a good fit for the Cubs next year, because of his steady, veteran presence. Shrug. Here’s hoping that, by next year, the Cubs wouldn’t even have a spot in their rotation for a (presumably declining) 37-year-old starter.
  • Bruce Levine chatted this week, and … (1) if healthy and effective, Matt Garza’s market value is around the Anibal Sanchez deal (five years, $80 million), and I agree; (2) eventually, the Cubs will have to spin some of their positional prospect depth off for pitching; (3) Bruce still believes Carlos Marmol will be dealt before the season opens, and wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cubs add a veteran reliever in that case (the pitcher which generated the question was, shudder, Brian Wilson); and (4) there also remains a chance that Soriano is dealt before Opening Day, but it would depend on injuries around the league.
  • And MLBTR’s Ben Nicholson-Smith chatted and among his thoughts: (1) the Tigers may end up keeping Rick Porcello for depth; (2) it’s really hard to figure where Kyle Lohse is going to land, although it’ll probably be soon; (3) Giancarlo Stanton and David Price will probably be all over the hot stove next offseason; (4) a quote that could have come straight from my own mouth, “I like what the Cubs are doing. I think they’ll be competitive by 2014 and remain competitive for a while.”; (5) Robinson Cano to the Cubs in 2014 would improve the lineup dramatically.

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