Obsessive Wrigley Renovation Watch: Report Says Deal *Will* Be Announced Today (UPDATE: No, Not Yet)

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Obsessive Wrigley Renovation Watch: Report Says Deal *Will* Be Announced Today (UPDATE: No, Not Yet)

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respect wrigleyHopefully Tom Ricketts’ caginess this morning was a good sign, as I’d guess …

CBS Chicago just reported that a Wrigley renovation deal is going to be announced today, according to sources of Jay Levine. As you know, the Cubs have been looking for an agreement with the City and the Neighborhood that would allow them to fund – through increased revenue opportunities at the ballpark – a massive $300 million renovation of Wrigley Field. CBS Chicago says an announcement on that front is coming “this afternoon.”

We’ll keep our ears open for the mention of a press conference, as well as a precise time and any methods you might have for listening in. I’ll update you as soon as more is available. A quick guess? The home opener is at 1:20 CT today, so unless the announcement is coming in the next two hours, it seems like to be some time after the game.

Keep hopes and expectations tempered for now. This is just one report. If and when a deal is actually announced, and if it looks like it’s actually good for the Cubs, then we can celebrate.

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UPDATE: Danny Ecker of Crain’s says he’s not hearing the same thing as CBS “at all.”

UPDATE 2 (4:30pm CT): Jay Levine takes it back, and his sources now tell him the finalization is taking “longer than expected,” and the i-dotting and t-crossing is still occurring. You’re used these kinds of updates by now, aren’t you? As you were.

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