Jorge Soler Ejected in Bench-Clearing Brawl ... There May Have Been a Bat Involved

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Jorge Soler Ejected in Bench-Clearing Brawl … There May Have Been a Bat Involved

Chicago Cubs

jorge soler peoria chiefs cubsChicago Cubs prospect Jorge Soler has been crushing High-A pitching to start the year, and he’s apparently also crushing High-A dugout walls.

Tonight, there was some kind of bench-clearing altercation in the Daytona/Clearwater game that precipitated Soler’s ejection. The details, for now, are of the Twitter-filtered variety (that stream is Josh Timmers), but the gist appears to be: Soler got a bat, and headed toward the Clearwater dugout. He apparently didn’t take any swings at a player, but he did take a swing at the opposing team’s dugout. Like, the dugout, itself.

More details will come in the morning, as I’m sure the Cubs will be forced to respond – plus there will be reports from the scene (and, in the YouTube era, a video somewhere). It seems based on the early take, though, that a suspension is going to be forthcoming. I’d set the over/under at 10 games.

UPDATE: Julio, in the comments, was listening to the game: “Soler slid hard to break up a DP. The second baseman didn’t like it and said something. They shoved each other. Javy broke it up. Benches cleared, everyone went back to dugout (including Soler). Soler then left the dugout with a bat, walked across the diamond and hit the wall, I believe he only hit it once. The announcers speculated it’d be a week suspension. I’d guess two.”

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Author: Brett Taylor

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