No Carlos Zambrano Fun and Other Bullets

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No Carlos Zambrano Fun and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

carlos-zambrano-angry-batIf you missed it, you can un-miss it with haste: yesterday’s fresh episode of the BN Podcast.

  • Carlos Zambrano visited the Cubs yesterday, but Paul Sullivan reports that the Cubs say they have no interest in re-signing Zambrano. So much for the lulz.
  • (On the balance, it’s still probably for the best that Zambrano isn’t returning to the Cubs. Here’s what I wrote when the two sides finally parted ways a couple offseasons ago.)
  • Last night’s rainout could help the Cubs’ rotation a bit: Carlos Villanueva will go today, and push everyone else back a day. That will not only give everyone an extra day of rest, it will give Scott Feldman an extra day to get over the back issue that’s been bothering him.
  • I like Will Leitch’s work. I think he’s a fantastic writer, and he’a almost always interesting. That said, his latest at Sports on Earth is an alarmist column about the renovation plan at Wrigley Field that somehow uses the veil of applause for Wrigley as a vehicle to rip the Cubs and Cubs ownership. It reeks of someone who hasn’t actually been following the renovation storyline, but felt compelled to write something eyeball-grabby about it since the national media finally got around to paying the story some attention in the last week. I don’t expect Will to have the same kind of foundational knowledge about the ongoing saga that the Chicago media does, but if you’re going to write a “save Wrigley from the horrors of modernization” piece, you should probably mention the words “falling concrete” at least once. Otherwise, you look a touch biased.
  • Geovany Soto still thinks Wrigley Field is special, even if his teammates like to dump on it.
  • Gordon Wittenmyer notes that the starting rotation has been great for the Cubs. The problem has been literally every other aspect of the team.
  • The weather so far has been a real problem for the Cubs, according to Bruce Levine. If today’s game is rained out, the weather is going to be a real problem for MLB’s schedule-makers, too. I assume the Rangers would then have to come back to Wrigley for a double-header on a shared open date in the future. What a pain for them.
  • Jorge Soler, already done with his five-game suspension, is expected back in the lineup for Daytona today.

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