Matt Garza Says He Doesn't Need Another Rehab Start and Other Bullets

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Matt Garza Says He Doesn’t Need Another Rehab Start and Other Bullets

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matt garza chinYou’d think, with a two-month-old and a two-year-old, any sleep deprivation you suffer would come largely at the hands of the infant. No so for us this week, as The Little Girl is transitioning off of her pacifier at night. The volume and length of rage she can summon, together with attempts at manipulation (“I want to snuggle with you, Daddy”), is truly amazing. I couldn’t kick and scream for three straight hours if there was a free car on the other end of it for me. But so it is with a strong-willed child, and I am running on fumes at this point.

  • The Mayor’s proposal for a publicly-funded arena for (private university) DePaul comes as part of a grander plan for the redevelopment of McCormick Place and Navy Pier downtown, according to the formal announcement yesterday. The arena will essentially serve as a convention center, also, with hotels nearby and a grand redevelopment plan. I won’t pretend to be informed enough to evaluate that plan (the details of which you can see at that link), but I did enjoy this quote from University of Chicago economist Allen Sanderson to the Tribune: “The Chicago Cubs are the only game in town that actually has significant economic impact on the city. If Rahm Emanuel wants to spend $100 million to stimulate economic development and tax revenues, he ought to just give it to the Cubs.” Er herm.
  • After his start last night for Iowa, Matt Garza told the Des Moines Register, “I don’t need another one here. [The Cubs] might differ on opinion, but I think all in all, it comes down to what I want and the way I feel. The organization – they’re going to make the call at the end of the day but I think we’re going to collaborate and come to some sort of compromise.” In other words, if Garza gets his way, we’ll see him starting in Pittsburgh next week. If not, he’ll get one more rehab start. Even though everyone in attendance yesterday said Garza definitely looked ready, I could still understand one more rehab start. With a high energy guy like Garza, there’s always going to be an extra bit of adrenaline for the first start of the season in the bigs, and any additional arm strength you can get him before that moment (there’s a reason his lat strain came in his first time facing batters this Spring, rather than any of the other many, many times he threw) is a good thing. All in all, though, I think I’d like to see him back next week.
  • Anthony Rizzo is ready to be the face of the Cubs, and to handle the various pressures that come along with a big contract and a team with a desperate fan base.
  • Sci-fi writer John Scalzi on the cosmic importance of the Chicago Cubs: “The Cubs have a huge existential responsibility to not only Chicago, but basically the world, to be effectively the losers. We need to have a team that has the courage and fortitude not to win, to be the people who are an example of striving and reaching and going and failing, but still continuing to do it.” You’re, uh, welcome?
  • Jesse Rogers with a fun interview of David DeJesus, who actually answers the dreaded “who’s your celebrity crush, after your wife” question. (Adriana Lima, by the way. “She’d be all right,” DeJesus said. The real question is how many of you would answer that question with his wife? She’s quite lovely … )
  • A deep profile on Kevin Gregg, whose current nickname with the Cubs is “Kevin Gregg Maddux.”
  • If it weren’t the Cubs versus the Cardinals, I don’t think I’d be writing about an ESPN-orchestrated “uniform battle” competition (remember when SportsCenter spent weeks on “Who’s Next?”), but, voting ends at 9am CT this morning, and the Cubs really need to beat the Cardinals.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.