Ozzie Guillen on the Cubs' Bench? And Other Bullets

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Ozzie Guillen on the Cubs’ Bench? And Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

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  • Former Chicago White Sox and Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen was on Sports Talk Live with Dave Kaplan yesterday, and he was asked about his coaching/managing future. After saying that he’d consider anything, Ozzie was asked specifically about coaching for the Cubs. “Of course,” he said he would consider it, and added that Dale Sveum wouldn’t have to be looking over his shoulder. If Ozzie was there to coach, he would just be the coach. Now, it’s important to emphasize the context for those who don’t watch that video – it was kind of a jokey, jovial tone. Ozzie was quite serious that he would consider a gig with the Cubs, but it wasn’t as if the reality of him actually being on the Cubs’ bench was being discussed. The panel was just kind of joking around/speaking generally about the kinds of things Ozzie might be willing to do next. That said … you can’t argue that it’s not an interesting discussion piece. So, how about it? Ozzie Guillen for the next opening on Dale Sveum’s coaching staff?
  • Of the three-run homer that came on a 3-2 curveball to number 8 hitter Ryan Hanigan with two outs in the fourth inning last night, Scott Feldman was all over himself. “That was a really bonehead pitch,” Feldman said, per ESPN. “With the pitcher on deck, I threw the one pitch he can hit for a three-run homer. That one stings a little bit.” That one pitch, alone, raised Feldman’s ERA by a good 50 points. Small samples!
  • Dale Sveum says that Edwin Jackson isn’t coming out of the rotation any time soon, in part because of the $52 million contract he signed in the offseason. I tend to think it’s slightly more nuanced than that – he isn’t coming out of the rotation because he has the kind of long-term track record that justified a $52 million contract.
  • Speaking of Jackson’s struggles and the overall team struggles that have seen the team lose five in a row and fall 11 games below .500, Sveum says he sees the sell-off looming. “You’re running up on a couple months away now,” Sveum said of the Trade Deadline, per CSN. “[You’re] trying to put things together where you pull off some streaks and some winning months and winning weeks, to give yourself a chance to give yourself hope. There’s no question about it. But we all know that if we don’t, there could be changes.” The only thing holding up a sell-off at this point is the Draft. Teams aren’t ready to really commit to the transaction process right now, but, after the Draft, and as we get into June, that’s going to be everyone’s focus. Prepare yourself.
  • A couple Cubs prospects made Baseball America’s weekly Hot Sheet: Jorge Soler and Javier Baez, each of whom have had great weeks. Soler’s been doing it pretty much all season, so there’s no surprise there. The good news as far as Baez is concerned is that he not only killed the ball (1.055 OPS), but he also had as many walks (3) as strikeouts (3).
  • Kevin Gregg answers questions at ESPN, and says that the culture is a complete 180 from how it was when he was last with the Cubs (2009). He does not elaborate, however, so we’re left to speculate.
  • A bit on Travis Wood’s maturation process as a starter in the big leagues.
  • Well, I finished in the top 1/3 of the fantasy contest yesterday, but Evan Longoria and Michael Bourn killed me (netted me -1.5 points between them). Anibal Sanchez was obviously all-universe for me, but 48% of the entrants picked him. Congrats to triggerhurt for taking the top spot, and to cmalloy, dtigers92, magicman96, msmith085, Madison&Clark, Mallen23, Featherstone, Wurmbone, and freak4444 for rounding out the top 10.

Author: Brett Taylor

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