How Would You React if a Cubs Player Was Mixed Up in Biogenesis? and Other Bullets

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How Would You React if a Cubs Player Was Mixed Up in Biogenesis? and Other Bullets

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muscle-bound-steroidsDraft Day is here! There’s other stuff to discuss throughout the day, but the Draft will obviously be the focus. We’ll have a live post going up later this afternoon for your discussion and for updates. I’ll cover the draft in that post, and Luke is going to be offering his – typically more robust – take as well. Giggity.

  • If any Cubs players or prospects are going to be implicated in the Biogenesis PED scandal, Dale Sveum told that he hasn’t heard anything about it. He says he figures it would be out there by now if a Cubs player was going to be named, which is possibly correct – though ESPN’s report indicated that Tony Bosch may have had additional clients whose names didn’t show up in the documents that have yet been reviewed/leaked. I’m not specifically worried about any Cubs players showing up in this story, but it does make for an interesting discussion. I think everyone knows how they feel about the ARod’s and the Ryan Braun’s, but what if a lower profile Cubs player were implicated? Are you … angry? Indifferent? Do you give the guy the benefit of the doubt if he says he’s innocent, and only used the clinic for legal, approved substances? Does the inclusion of a Cubs player change your perception of the entire story? Would you recognize your own internal inconsistency – the urge to defend a Cubs player where you chastised all other non-Cubs players? I find this kind of cognitive dissonance fascinating (because I experience it, too), though I hope we don’t have to find out how we’d react in this particular situation.
  • Dale Sveum’s draft day story is kind of a sad one, with the Cubs telling everyone not to take him because he was going to play football, and his friend being stabbed the night before.
  • An Angels fan had a paper bag over his head behind home plate last night and the Angels made him take it off. They say it’s a policy (nothing covering the head – I assume a baseball cap is OK, unless you’re Elaine Benes), but it happened in the 7th inning only after the guy appeared on TV. I’m sure they didn’t much care for those kind of optics, but, at the same time, it really is a safety concern. There’s a reason robbers wear masks and a reason we’d rather people didn’t.
  • A little profile on third base platoon man Cody Ransom, who hit a three-run homer last night. He’s crushing lefties for the Cubs this year, and is hitting .279/.323/.607 for the team while making some nice plays at third. Is it enough to turn him into a complementary trade piece when paired with another player or two? Maybe.
  • Don’t miss your chance to beat me up – metaphorically – and take my money – metaphorically. This week’s fantasy contest comes with a $5 bonus if you beat me, and it also has a $500 prize pool ($11 entry). The full details are here, but the important note is this: the league is limited to 50 entries, and it’s already half full. Sign up here.

Author: Brett Taylor

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