A Free $1,000 Fantasy Contest is Launching Today - Join In

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A Free $1,000 Fantasy Contest is Launching Today – Join In

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MoneyWe’re doing things a little differently this time, so if you haven’t been in on one of these contests yet, you might want to consider it this time.

Thanks to Draftstreet, we get to do another free, one-day fantasy contest, but this one’s a whopper: instead of just $300 in the kitty, it’s $1000 up for grabs. And we’re gonna try our hand at a little fantasy football this time. By performing the simple task of signing up, you (1) give yourself a chance to win part of the $1000 prize pool, (2) guarantee that you’ll have some fun in the first week of the NFL season, and (3) support your friendly neighborhood hang-out, Bleacher Nation. These promotions help keep BN free for you to read and use, so your participation is appreciated.

Flashing Lights: Sign Up Here.

For this contest, it’s a salary cap league – you’ve got $100,000 to spend on the players to fill out your roster. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and it takes 5 minutes to build a team, even if you know little about the NFL. You can adjust your roster up until the contest starts on Sunday, September 29 at 12pm CT (when the full Sunday slate of games kick off), at which time your rosters will lock and the Live Scoreboard will be available.

As always, the best part of the contest is the free chance to win some cash. There’s $1000 to be won, and 100 players will win some money (this contest is being made available to us, as well as some folks outside of BN – hence the larger prize pool). The top score gets $100 and the next 99 people win cash.

So, to recap: sign up for the contest now. Build your roster. Tweak your roster throughout the week and a half as you see fit. Have some fun on Sunday when the games are played. Win some money. For free. You’re welcome.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.