The Pirates (and Their Fans) Dismiss the Reds and Other Bullets

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The Pirates (and Their Fans) Dismiss the Reds and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

pnc parkI have never written about the Cubs in the postseason, having started BN in the winter of 2008 (after the playoff sweep). October, then, always has an odd feel to me. I call it my “down” time of the year, though two of the last three Octobers have been filled with a non-player search of some kind. In any case, every October, I can’t help but wish it wasn’t my “down” time. I’d love to be covering some playoff baseball …

  • To that end, but not involving the Cubs, there was playoff baseball last night, as the Pirates beat the Reds 6-2 in the NL Wild Card Game. I’d reckon most around here are happy about that outcome, what with the general distaste for the Reds and the pat-them-on-the-head-they’re-so-cute feelings for the Pirates. The Pirates jumped out to an early lead, and the game never really felt like it was in doubt (except for a few seconds before a would-be three-run homer off of the bat of Todd Frazier curled just foul). The Pirates will now face the Cardinals in a best of five to head to the NLCS. Safe to say we’ve all got the same rooting interest?
  • At one point in last night’s game, the collective Pirate fandom in attendance chanted “Cueeeee-toooooo, Cueeeee-toooooo” and Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto literally dropped the ball on the mound. He gave up a homer on the very next pitch. Coincidence? Maybe. Distracted? Maybe. Whatever the case, that was a crowd that was *into* it, and I am happy for Pirates fans today.
  • Brandon Phillips says the Reds choked, for whatever that’s worth.
  • MLBTR takes a look at the Cubs’ arbitration-eligible players, something I also plan to do, but MLBTR is well-staffed and fast. So, while you await my take, go ahead and give their version a look.
  • Jim Callis with a very early look at the top of the 2014 MLB Draft, in which the Cubs will pick fourth. For now – and things can always change over the course of another amateur season – the 2014 draft is believed to be better and deeper than the 2012 or 2013 iterations.
  • Jesse Rogers reviews the Cubs’ infield.
  • A humorous look at the faces of Dale Sveum by the Tribune (you have to scroll down).
  • (In case you’re wondering, yes, there is a ton of managerial search stuff to discuss today. That’ll get its own attention.)

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