Obsessive New Manager Watch: Girardi Resolution May Come Very Soon

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Obsessive New Manager Watch: Girardi Resolution May Come Very Soon

Chicago Cubs

joe girardi managerTo append that title, were the strictures and conventions of title-writing to allow it, I would probably explain that the “resolution” of which I speak has only to do with whether Joe Girardi will be re-signing with the New York Yankees, or whether he’ll be permitted to speak to other teams.

To explain: ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand writes that GM Brian Cashman was today expected to lay out the “parameters” of what it would take to get Girardi back with the Yankees (counteroffer? more than that?) to ownership. Meanwhile, Girardi is meeting with his agent about the negotiations/discussions he and Cashman had yesterday. Marchand expects a decision – with respect to the Yankees – to come as soon as this weekend.

I have a strong suspicion that things have played out thusly: with Girardi under contract through the end of this month, the Cubs – by way of back-channels – let Girardi’s camp know that they are interested in discussing their managerial vacancy with Girardi (some reports go as far as to say that the Cubs are preparing a huge financial offer, which, if true, they would also communicate). Meanwhile, the Yankees communicated to Girardi that they want him back, and that they aren’t interested in letting him speak to the Cubs while they are in negotiations (why let Girardi leverage a Cubs offer into more money from the Yankees if that’s where he wanted to be all along?). Some reports suggest that, at that point, Girardi requested permission to speak with the Cubs before deciding on the Yankees offer.

So, where does that leave things? Well, if Cashman is talking to ownership today, there are two possibilities. Possibility One: Cashman wants more cash, man. That is to say, whether by suggestion from Girardi or otherwise, Cashman wants the authority to make an over-the-top financial offer to retain Girardi. That would presumably require ownership’s involvement. Possibility Two: Girardi’s camp has been adamant that they want to have a chance to speak to the Cubs, and Cashman wants to discuss the implications thereof with ownership before allowing those conversations to happen.

Either possibility is plausible, as is some kind of hybrid third possibility. In any case, it sounds like we’ll know something by this weekend: either Girardi will have re-upped with the Yankees, or we’ll know that the Cubs are going to get their shot to make him an offer more formally.

In the meantime, the Cubs continue to line up other options so that they won’t be caught flat-footed should Girardi do what many in the industry expect he’ll do, and return to the Yankees.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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