Masahiro Tanaka: Loud Noises! No One Knows Anything

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Masahiro Tanaka: Loud Noises! No One Knows Anything

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loud noisesI won’t use this post as a platform to reiterate my thoughts on the importance of providing a link (or at least a specific publication and author) when citing “reports”, and will instead rest on what my gut was telling me this morning. Suffice it to say, shortly after the New York Times published an article claiming “several Japanese newspapers” reported that the Rakuten Golden Eagles had decided not to post Masahiro Tanaka, I was completely unable to find said articles. The people of the Internet appear to have been similarly unable. And helpful BN’er Roger, who currently lives in Japan (and whose wife is Japanese), could find no such articles – only reports saying the things we already know: Rakuten wants to convince Tanaka to stay, and they haven’t decided what to do yet.

And then other media started to cast appropriate circumspection …

The conclusion?

Everything right now is a lot of bluster, without much behind it. No one knows anything. Tanaka might be posted. He might not. I stand by what I’ve said in the past: Tanaka wants to come to the States, and Rakuten loses $20 million by denying Tanaka his request. They have plenty of incentive to make it appear to the world as though they are doing everything possible to keep him … before ultimately letting him go.

But that’s just me offering my own thoughts. No reports and no sources there.

Author: Brett Taylor

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