The Cubs Are Hiring and Other Bullets

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The Cubs Are Hiring and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

job searchAh, it was a nice day off(ish). Although the Masahiro Tanaka posting news forced me from my long winter’s nap, it was early enough in the morning that it didn’t interfere with any Santa-related fun. We had a very nice time yesterday, and true to cliche: (1) The Little Girl wanted to play only with The Little Boy’s gifts, (2) The Little Boy wanted to play only with boxes and wrapping paper, and (3) The Wife and I struggled the night before to assemble a stupid-idiot-trampoline-thing-with-stupid-idiot-directions-that-were-impossible-to-follow-and-I-swear-to-God-those-holes-are-not-in-the-right-place …

  • The Cubs put together an interesting video highlighting the folks who work with the team and at Wrigley Field, and it’s a mechanism to let folks know how to apply to work for the team. It’s a sweet little piece, if nothing else … but I guess the Cubs are hiring:

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