Zambrano Gonna Zambrano and Other Bullets

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Zambrano Gonna Zambrano and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

rothschild watches zambrano angryI love that I jokingly asked in this section yesterday what “Arthur” is, and within minutes I had ten answers of “aardvark, duh” sent to me via various mediums. The Internet, and you fine folks, are awesome.

(Although it was a joke question, I really didn’t know, so thanks! Anyone know where D.B. Cooper hid the money?)

  • It’s a little unclear at first (for non-Spanish speakers, at least), but on replays, you get a clear picture of what happened: Zambrano’s teammate gets plunked, at which Zambrano, in the dugout, takes umbrage. While the batter and pitcher are jawing, Big Z makes a beeline straight for the pitcher, who notices only at the last minute, and both men go toppling to the ground. From there, Z gets up swinging (after being swung at, himself), and he’s swinging – hard – at anyone in his general vicinity. I would not like to receive a pop to the face from a Carlos Zambrano right, whether his shoulder is as strong as it once was or not.  In the end, probably not the best moment for Z if he’s still trying to make his way back to the bigs.
  • Mark Gonzales offers something of a profile on new hitting coach Bill Mueller, who has been meeting with Cubs players and/or reviewing film on them to try and diagnose correctable issues.
  • Jeff Sullivan writes that the biggest thing left to happen this offseason – in terms of changing playoff odds – is a David Price trade. But, in terms of an individual team’s decisions, the biggest left might be whether A.J. Burnett returns to the Pirates. I had no idea how much of a bubble team they project to be without Burnett, and the extra two wins he could provide are enormously important.
  • A study in Greg Maddux’s precise command/control. And a mesmerizing GIF.

Author: Brett Taylor

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