1000 Words on Javier Baez's Uniquely Incredible Bat Speed

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1000 Words on Javier Baez’s Uniquely Incredible Bat Speed

Chicago Cubs

That’s not a literal 1000 words, of course. I’m talking about this:

javy baez bat waggle

As you look at that picture, you think, “Clearly that’s a take. The ball is maybe 20 feet from home plate, and the batter’s hands are still entirely elevated. Yup, he’s taking. Why are you showing me this picture?”

Well, actually, that is a picture of last night’s 450-foot Baez Bomb to center field. Just fractions of a second before impact, Baez’s bat is pointing nearly straight at the pitcher. If there was ever a picture that demonstrated just how quickly Baez whipsaws the bat through the zone, this is it.

Folks like to make the Gary Sheffield comparison, and the bat speed/waggle is the primary reason (Sheffield’s got Baez on the overall plate approach and contact ability right now). Truly, we’re watching something special with Baez.

I could stare at that picture all day. The only thing stopping me is the knowledge that, after looking at the picture for a while, I can then go watch the video again. And again. And again.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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