Stop Everything: There is an Anthony Rizzo Jedi Bobblehead Coming

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Stop Everything: There is an Anthony Rizzo Jedi Bobblehead Coming

Chicago Cubs

It is a period of civil war. Rebel fan spaceships, striking from a hidden blog comment section, have won their first victory against the evil Meatball Empire …

Oh, yes. Get ready to get nerdy.

For the first time ever, the Chicago Cubs are doing a Star Wars night at Wrigley Field, on Wednesday, August 20 against the Giants. It’s a special event, partly taking place in the bleachers (natch), and I cannot wait (it’s the night before the annually awesome Social Media Night, so it’ll make for a convenient trip for me).

The best part about Star Wars night, other than the convenient excuse to call Pablo Sandoval Jabba the Hutt? They’re giving away Anthony Rizzo JEDI BOBBLEHEADS. No, this is not an advertisement – it’s just my love for the Cubs and love for Star Wars fusing together like Han Solo in the carbonite chamber, except 10,000 times more geeky.

jedi rizzo

Will the Star Wars theme carry over into the game?

Will Rizzo tell a runner on first that “this isn’t the base you’re looking for,” leading to an easy pick-off?

Will Rizzo use the force to alter the trajectory of key pitches at key moments? (Wait – did he already do that with that Neil Ramirez slider?)

Will Rizzo step to the plate and warn Tim Lincecum, “If you strike me out now, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine” ?

Maybe Starlin Castro will get a hit, scoring Rizzo, and he’ll say, “Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.”

Or  maybe the Giants will try a suicide squeeze, and, as the pitcher winds up, Rizzo will shout, “It’s a trap!”

Perhaps you can dig deep into your nerd well and come up with some others.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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