Mike Olt Starting to Have Success and Other Bullets

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Mike Olt Starting to Have Success and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

mike olt!BP put on a great event at Miller Park yesterday (a hearty hat tip to Adam Brown for the ride to and fro), and it was very cool to meet in person some folks I’d only corresponded with in print before. There were quite a few BN’ers in attendance, too, and it was great to meet them as well. I’m not going to say I had too good of a time, but I will say that the prospect of writing this and then heading out for a six hour drive is less than attractive. #dontwant

  • Mike Olt is starting to feel more comfortable at the plate, telling the Tribune that, “Earlier on, I feel I got myself out a lot. I wasn’t really aggressive in the count. I was letting some good pitches go and and being over aggressive when I was behind in the count. I’m definitely trying to lock in for the whole at-bat, and when I do get a pitch I can drive, I want to take advantage. And when I don’t, I want to be able to lay off.” That’s offensive success in a nutshell, and Olt certainly has seemed to be that guy of late. You never want to put too much stock in tiny samples, but Olt has a .357/.500/1.000 line over his last five games, raising his season line in the process from .156/.214/.359 to .192/.273/.474 (with a spot-on league average 100 OPS+). Obviously you’d like to see the average and the OBP come up, but dat ISO tho.
  • Now that the Cubs have entered a phase of the season where the early-season surprise pretty clearly isn’t going to happen, in terms of their competitiveness, and also now that there seems to be more willingness to play Luis Valbuena at second base with regularity (particularly with Emilio Bonifacio play so much in the outfield after the injuries out there), I hope that we see Olt getting very regular starts at third base. I totally agree with the way he was eased into things, and the way Ricky Renteria utilized platoons early on to maximize the performance of an otherwise thin roster, but, yeah, we’re there now. It’s time to see what happens (when people stop being polite, and start getting real) when Olt is given regular starts over the course of a full month. If he can be a .225/.310/.480 guy (and, from the early look of things, he can be that guy) going forward? You’d gladly take that.
  • Every hit that Jason Hammel gave up last night – seven of ’em – was a two-out single. (Cubs.com)
  • Jesse Rogers writes about Kris Bryant’s domination, and what comes next.
  • A nice Mother’s Day story about Justin Grimm and his mom, who provided a sufficient kick in the rear to get him where he is today. (Cubs.com)

Author: Brett Taylor

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