The Cardinals Didn't Care for the High and Tight and Other Bullets

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The Cardinals Didn’t Care for the High and Tight and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

yadier molina cardinalsIf you’re just tuning in, you’re noticing that the site looks a bit different now. For more details on the changes, see here. One known issue: the “recent comments” feature in the sidebar is not working properly (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – and you can’t click straight through to the comment). It may be a technological limitation associated with Disqus, and I’m researching it.

Otherwise, I’m still tinkering to make minor fixes. If you see issues, do let me know. For now, Bullets …

  • Yadier Molina was pretty upset by the high and tight pitches he and other Cardinals saw frequently yesterday, and it led to the benches being warned late in the game. Given the number of them, I don’t think it was unreasonable to be a little annoyed (it’s a little scary how many pitches nearly clipped a Cardinals’ head), but I also don’t think Jason Hammel (and then later Neil Ramirez) was doing it intentionally. It was clear that his command was just a little off. If your release point is just slightly off, and you’re trying to go “normal” high and tight, it’s very easy for that pitch to consistently sail too high.
  • For his part, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny told that he understands where Molina was coming from: “You get one mistake that sails and flies up by your head, you’re not happy about it. But when you see a number of them happen that way, you start to take it pretty personal, and I don’t blame him. We’re not trying to pitch anybody up and in like that, and then you start talking about around the head. Nobody else should, either. Guys need to stand up for themselves and we need to stand up for them.” Again, I can kind of understand the feelings here. I just don’t think it was intentional.
  • Hammel says he was just up in the zone yesterday, which is what bit him in the big second inning. (
  • Thoughts from Jeff Samardzija and Jed Hoyer on how Samardzija keeps improving as a pitcher. (Tribune)
  • One of the murals at Wrigley Field is actually a picture at old Comiskey Park. It’s being fixed. (CBS)
  • Sahadev Sharma is going to be co-hosting again on the Game (FM 87.7) from 9am to 11am CT on Saturday. Make sure you listen and cheer him on.
  • With all the stuff going on with the site change, I can’t even muster the time to express my outrage at the FCC taking the first step in actually approving its suspect and ill-conceived paid priority plan, which will really undercut Net Neutrality.

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