Edwin Jackson Had Himself an Awful Start and Other Bullets

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Edwin Jackson Had Himself an Awful Start and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

edwin jackson featureThe holiday weekend has arrived. Any fun plans out there? I already can’t wait to mow the lawn! Hoo doggies!

  • I’m certainly not going to “defend” Edwin Jackson after his horrible outing last night, but I do think it’s pretty obnoxious how many haters crawl out of the woodwork to rip the guy after a bad outing … but are nowhere to be seen when he was pitching fantastically over the previous six starts. One bad outing, and it’s, “This guy just keeps showing how awful he is.” Well, actually, he doesn’t. He had a horrible outing after a stretch of being really great for a month. OK, I guess I just kinda “defended” Jackson, didn’t I?
  • As for the why, Jackson told Cubs.com that he made some mistakes early, didn’t make adjustments, and the game got away from him. Ricky Renteria added that Jackson didn’t have his best command. Both guys read as ready to just move on, and presume that this was a blip.
  • Patrick Mooney spoke with a few Cubs players about the shift in renovation plans, and it’s a mix of typical “yeah, it’ll be nice whenever it actually happens” though, and not-so-typically funny/sad quotes. Great read. Carlos Villanueva offers the winner: “[The planned renovation] one of the things that got me here when I was talking to Dale before I signed. He told me it was going to be this year. Obviously, the rooftops and all those things delayed it, but we did get a new carpet this year, so at least I got some parts of the renovations.” Funny, but also poignant. Villanueva later went on to add that he’s impressed that the Ricketts have said they’re moving on with the renovation whether they get sued or not, and that’ll show something to future free agents. (I don’t know if he was saying with a *nudge nudge* toward the Ricketts Family to stick to this new plan, whatever may happen, but … *nudge nudge*.)
  • Also from Mooney, a great profile on Kris Bryant.
  • It sounds like the injury to pitching prospect Jen-Ho Tseng is a sore shoulder, but is not serious (if those two things do not conflict in your mind), per Kevin Druley/manager Mark Johnson.
  • Responding to an anonymous former Wrigleyville denizen who is ripping the presence of Wrigley Field and the Cubs’ plans to expand it doesn’t seem like a particularly productive move. But the lack of self-awareness is just too powerful (on both our parts):

It’s all terrible. I detest sports. ALL about the moola. Everything. We lived fairly close to WF for 21 years. Thank goodness we moved out. Away from all the conflict and chaos. A nightmare with every Chicago ball game. Idiots would park on our block. They get drunk, nasty and out of control. Totally insane, ruthless.

  • “It was so terrible to be close to Wrigley Field that thank goodness we got away as soon as we could – after 21 years. It was also awful to sell our house for crazy, mad, hugely appreciated bucks. Something something ruthless, something something ALL about the moola.”

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