Lukewarm Stove: The Latest Relevant David Price Bits

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Lukewarm Stove: The Latest Relevant David Price Bits

Chicago Cubs

david priceWith rumors on Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel flying, the importance of David Price as a competing asset increases by the day.

  • Apropos of yesterday’s post about the Rays being open for business on David Price, and my conclusion that a Cubs fan’s rooting interest should probably be that he goes to the Cardinals for a king’s ransom, Dave Cameron writes that Price to the Cards is an ideal fit. He even says that the Rays could include super-sub Ben Zobrist in order to up the ante from the Cardinals, and maybe get super prospect Oscar Taveras included. To that I say … yes please! The Cubs aren’t competitive this year, and even if the deal would dramatically improve the Cardinals for 2015 (which is far from a certainty given that Price and Zobrist combined would cost the Cardinals nearly $30 million in payroll next year), and the price of poker for the Cardinals would be a greatly diminished future. You know, the future window when the Cubs really do project to be quite good. Go get Price, Cardinals!
  • I can’t pinpoint it, but something about this report rings hollow:

  • I believe that Knobler has heard these things, but it kind of has the feel of a rumor getting out there to pump up the value of Sanchez. You can’t tell me the Jays wouldn’t *gladly* include Sanchez in a deal for Price if that was the bulk of what got the deal done. And I have doubts in the extreme that the Rays are giving up Price to the Jays for just Sanchez and lesser, other stuff.
  • Marc Topkin points out the recent scouters of the lefty:

  • To that last point, there’s actually quite a bit that a trained scout can pick up in person, even on a heavily-covered player like Price – demeanor at all times, slight health indications, velocity, etc. When we get to this stage of the game, it’s worth seeing some things in person (which is why teams do it).
  • As for the mentioned teams over the last two starts, it’s interesting to see the Cardinals there once but not the next time. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The Cards, as noted above, are the best fit from the Cubs’ perspective, as I’m really not sure I buy that the Cubs and Cards could match up on a Jeff Samardzija (or Jason Hammel deal). If the Cards get Price, it’s the best of all worlds, relatively-speaking. The other notable overlaps include the Blue Jays (but AL East), the Yankees (but AL East), the Royals (but salary), the Mariners (but salary), the Braves (but salary), the Orioles (no! don’t do it!), the Indians (not sure how aggressive they’ll be as a buyer), and the Giants (not sure they have enough to get Price or Samardzija). Obviously, as you look at the list of teams, some were quite clearly not there to scout Price. ‘Tis the season.
  • On last one from Topkin:

  • Obviously Price believes he’s going to be dealt, and that it could come soon. It’s not like the Rays are on the road for the entire next month – they’ve got a long home stand just before the All-Star break, and another just before the Trade Deadline.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.