Cubs Players React to the Big Trade and Other Bullets

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Cubs Players React to the Big Trade and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

ricky renteria speaksThe Wife heads out of town today for a conference over the next few days, so it’s Dad O’Clock. The Samardzija/Hammel trade timing could have been a lot worse, then, if it had come, say, this afternoon.

“Hey everyone, the Cubs traded a couple pitchers today for some guys and I think it was a big deal but I’ve got to get lunch for the kids and let go of your sister’s hair and Addison Russell is elite no you cannot watch Blue’s Clues on daddy’s computer the impact on the starting pitcher rental market is why are you taking off your diaper NO DON’T DO THAT OH GOD IT’S EVERYWHERE!”

  • Carlos Villanueva offered his thoughts to the Tribune on the clubhouse reaction to seeing two top pitchers traded, and how you move forward. Among his comments: “Samardzija had been here for a while, and Hammel was a good guy here, but they’re gone now. Other guys are going to come in, and they’re going to be our brothers here. You get forgotten quick. And they’ll love those guys in Oakland, and when they leave, they’ll be sad for a couple days. You got to keep working. We’re here to do a job. That’s it.” Really, what else can you say, right? Players move on, and everyone is sad for a little while, but then it’s on to the next. I suppose it applies to the fans, too.
  • Villanueva didn’t find out he would be starting yesterday until just a few hours before game time (, so you can understand why that, coupled with the trade, probably made for a tough spot. Villanueva did not perform well, but then, neither did just about anyone else on the Cubs yesterday.
  • On the ugly loss yesterday, Rick Renteria was unwilling to throw up any excuses, telling, “It had nothing to do with any of the things that happened. Today, we spit out a bad ballgame.” He had a meeting with the team to let them know about the trade, though, and to explain that they can only do what they can do on the field. The rest, they can’t control.
  • More from other Cubs players on the trade at CSN. It’s just the kind of somber but accepting feel you’d expect from guys who’ve been through this every year they’ve been on the team (the lone exceptions are James Russell and Starlin Castro, who had a couple years with the team in the pre-sell-off days).
  • (Darwin Barney pondered the logistics of the goodbye with “It’s always weird to say bye to a dude,” Barney joked. “What do you do? Do you slap hands? Do you hug?” The real problem is if you don’t have an understanding in place already about the protocols that will direct your particular interaction with each other. That can lead to the awkward I’m-high-fiving-while-you-lean-in-for-a-hug moments, of which I assume we’ve all been a part. That’s why I just stick to kissing everyone goodbye on the lips, with tongue.)
  • Theo Epstein told reporters yesterday (Tribune, for example) that the Cubs do not have a strict pitch count limit, and what happened with Jason Hammel on Friday – being pulled after 92 pitches – was the product of the Cubs knowing a deal could be close, and Epstein telling Rick Renteria to “be smart” with Hammel that day. Epstein said Hammel understood, so hopefully all is well between them.
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