The Wife Has A Blogathon Offer For You: Matching Every Dollar You Donate This Week

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The Wife Has A Blogathon Offer For You: Matching Every Dollar You Donate This Week

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asleep at keyboard[Gretchen Taylor, affectionately known around here as “The Wife”, is an educator, writer, and Cubs fan. More importantly today, she’s a passionate believer in what we’re doing with the Blogathon and Make-A-Wish. Without her support, I couldn’t do my crazy blogging session, and today she wants to offer some direct support for our cause. The following is from her.]

Last year, I shared my sunshiney – though sincere – views on how much this community means to our family.

I’m one year older, one year tireder (having a toddler boy, it turns out, is a lot more tiring than having a baby boy), and one year more antsy for the Cubs to make it to the big show. If the dude I live with is consistently cranking out 16 hour+ days – and coping with constant man colds as a result – I’m about ready to be on the side of a winning team.

Because my cranky meter is up a notch lately (first world problems and all that), it’s extra important for me to take a step back today and remember that, thanks to you, a big chunk of July isn’t just about post-midnight Enhanced Box Scores, a dishwasher rack perpetually full of coffee cups, and a callused Twitter thumb. It isn’t about the constant pit in my stomach wondering if Junior Lake will be swept away before I get to see HIS BASEBALL SKILLS at Wrigley, or about the hand-wringing over the Cubs’ draft position 11 months from now, or about wistfully looking toward a time in August or September or October when the weekend becomes sort-of a weekend once again.

Though July sometimes makes me cranky, I really am, at heart, an annoying Pollyanna. (PS. Brett is, too, in real life. You who think he’s insincere in defending everyone and constantly playing devil’s advocate? YOU GUYS. THAT’S REALLY HIM, AND IT’S AWFUL.)

I do realize that the actual baseball is at the core of the month of July, and at the core of why you’re even here. But last year, you started a pretty awesome tradition of making it about so much more. And selfishly? That makes this month a lot sweeter – and the perspective a lot healthier – in the Taylor house.

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I hope that in the next nine days, this Blogathon continues to rally all of the July eyes to take a brief pause from the action and help out children and families who are facing the toughest times of their lives. Already, we are on pace to surpass last year’s total for Make-A-Wish, and to sponsor two wishes. And, you’ve forced Brett to blog 34 hours straight on July 30 and 31. If we top $12,000, he’ll push that up to 37 hours.

This community rocks. And I’d like to make an offer.

Last year, I challenged you to an up-to-$500 match. This year, we’re going bigger. Between now and the end of Monday, July 28, I will match every donation you make, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $1,000. However much you’ve given from today through Monday, up to $1,000, I will donate the same.

Thank you all so much.

You can make a donation to Make-A-Wish for the Blogathon here. For more on the Blogathon, see here.

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Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.