Cubs Minor League Daily: Beyond Bats

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Cubs Minor League Daily: Beyond Bats

Chicago Cubs

daytona cubs logoThe Cubs have a farm system full of bats, and that farm system is drawing a lot of accolades based on those bats.

But the Cubs have quietly built a farm system also loaded with arms. Most of those pitchers are in the low levels of the system and are a year or two behind the best of the bats, but the pitching is there.

While many of the Cubs better pitching prospects are drawing attention, including at the national level, we are probably a year away from the Cubs pitching development pipeline being seen as a real asset. It is not likely to ever be seen as an equal to the Cubs simply incredible array of impact hitting prospects, but the Cubs will start earning accolades for their pitching nonetheless.

That point was driven home again last night as Juan Paniagua pitched six beautiful innings as the starter in Daytona’s shutout win.

Scores From Yesterday

This link will take you to all the box scores from yesterday.

Other Notes

  • C.J. Edwards had a successful rehab stint in Arizona and should, hopefully, rejoin Tennessee soon. He has enough time to make a few starts this year, but he probably will need to play fall or winter ball somewhere to make up for some lost time. His ceiling remains among the highest of the Cubs pitching prospects.
  • Corey Black has quietly put together a very good season for the Smokies. His biggest flaw has been the number of walks he allows, but in June that total dropped to just five over four games. The respite was short lived, though, as his elevated walk totals have returned in July. Even so, his strikeout stuff makes him a potential nearish future weapon for the Cubs. And if he can ever tame the walks, he could be in for a very nice career.
  • Jefferson Mejia is a flame throwing work in progress that has drawn recent accolades, including a spot in the final slot of the Cubs Top 20 from I am not yet convinced he has the pitches to support his fastball, but that fastball is hard enough to earn him a great deal of respect. Guys who consistently throw in the mid-nineties and stand six feet seven inches are easy to gravitate towards when doing prospect rankings.
  • Meanwhile, I think Jen-Ho Tseng, another right hander who is slightly younger than Mejia, is actually being undervalued. As a nineteen year old, he is effectively the ace of a very good Kane County team. That sort of full-season success at that young of an age is a very good sign for Tseng.
  • There are plenty of more good stories, hitting and pitching alike, buried in the box scores. While I am on vacation and not able to fish them out, it falls to you to call out your favorites in the comments below.

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