Multiple Reports Indicate a Deal Involving Emilio Bonifacio is Close (UPDATES: Royals? Giants?)

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Multiple Reports Indicate a Deal Involving Emilio Bonifacio is Close (UPDATES: Royals? Giants?)

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs’ versatile leadoff hitter was expected to draw interest at the deadline if he could show he was over his oblique strain, and it very much sounds like that’s what is now happening for Emilio Bonifacio.

Multiple reports indicate a deal is close:

Although Bonifacio will not net a top prospect, as a super utility player on a playoff contender, he does have quite a bit of value. I would expect the Cubs to get something at least worth discussing. We’ll see how this shakes out.

UPDATE (2:50pm CT): I wouldn’t go this far, but hey, who knows:

I can see the Cubs getting something valuable for Bonifacio, yes. But when I hear “very high,” I’m picturing a top 5 organizational prospect (in an organization much worse than the Cubs’ farm system, at least). And it’s “very hard” to see the Cubs getting that much for Bonifacio.

UPDATE 2 (4:28pm CT): We already anticipated this, but to keep the updates flowing, and because it’s interesting:

I wonder if there are roster considerations at play – i.e., if Cubs deal (officially) Bonifacio before the game tonight, they can make a roster move (adding a bullpen arm, for example) without having to muck anything else up.

UPDATE 3 (4:47pm CT): And Rick Renteria admits what’s up:

UPDATE 4 (5:51pm CT): It won’t be the Orioles getting Bonifacio, but will it be the Royals?

I don’t think that’s quite as certain as Connolly makes it sound (if he was 100% certain it was the Royals, there’d be no need to add the second part). Instead, take it just as: guy with sources has heard Bonifacio might be going to the Royals. That’s not nothing.

UPDATE 5 (7:33pm CT): Just saw this informative and hilarious tweet from Andy McCullough:

Perhaps things got close, and then something changed, and thus no trade prior to the game.

UPDATE 6 (9:05pm CT): The Giants are already releasing Dan Uggla, which LOL-Darwin-Barney, but that’s also interesting because it could suggest that they’re ready to pick up a new second baseman. They’ve reportedly been interested in Bonifacio, perhaps even for the outfield, so the timing here makes sense. I guess we’ll find out.

UPDATE 7 (9:15pm CT): I guess I missed this during the live stream:

Round and round the Bonifacio rumor carousel goes, where it stops, nobody knows!

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