Report: Rays Trading David Price to Tigers, Mariners Involved in Three-Team Trade (UPDATES Aplenty)

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Report: Rays Trading David Price to Tigers, Mariners Involved in Three-Team Trade (UPDATES Aplenty)

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It pretty much speaks for itself:

Forgive me, but … holy shit. This day has been nuts, and it sounds like it’s going to get really crazy. You’ve got to figure that the Cardinals are out, but what about the Pirates? The Mariners? The Blue Jays? The Dodgers? The Orioles? I could go on. So many possibilities.

UPDATE (12:49pm CT): A quick reminder/thought while we wait for this to sort out – if you like the idea of Price on the Cubs in 2015 (always a long-shot, but possible), you’re hoping he goes to a small market team viewing him as a rental for 2014, and who will then shop him in the offseason. Unfortunately, that’s even more unlikely than it was back when Price was going to stay with the Rays.

UPDATE (1:34pm CT): A couple tweets to keep your excitement rolling:

Cardinals getting Price at this point would not necessarily be horrible from a Cubs perspective, but it would be absolutely freaking nuts.

UPDATE (2:17pm CT): A couple more updates, with the Cardinals excluded:

Well, Price to the Tigers would ensure that he stays there through 2015, and maybe even gets locked up in an extension.

UPDATE (2:20pm CT): Come on, Pirates:

UPDATE (2:33pm CT): This cannot possibly get more exciting:

I want the Cubs to be involved just for he fun.

UPDATE (2:49pm CT): Ken Rosenthal drops the bomb:

If that goes down, Price will be with the Tigers for a while. At least it makes it all the more likely Max Scherzer does depart in free agency (though I expected that already).

UPDATE (3:11pm CT): I’m focused on the Cubs right now, but this trade is happening. The Tigers are getting Price, and it’s a three-team deal involving the Mariners. More later.

UPDATE (3:59pm CT): So, the Mariners get Austin Jackson and give up Nick Franklin (to Rays). The Tigers give up Drew Smyly and Willy Adames (an interesting 18-year-old shortstop prospect) to the Rays, and they get Price. Drew Smyly is good, young, and cheap, but that doesn’t seem like much of a return for the Rays. Certainly not something that made them JUST HAVE TO do a deal today. I can only conclude that, as we’ve discussed, Price’s 2015 value is not all that high, given the expected arbitration cost.

Author: Brett Taylor

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