Jorge Soler Arrives in the Middle of a Wave and Other Bullets

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Jorge Soler Arrives in the Middle of a Wave and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

jorge soler cubsDo we really have to wait all day for tonight’s game?

The only thing about Jorge Soler’s arrival about which I’m not excited is the impending deluge of puns that, to me, simply don’t work. Soler is pronounced, as best as we English-only folks can say it, “So – lair.” That is very different from solar, which is pronounced “sole – er.” It’s not a pun to say Soler power, because you’re either saying a thing that isn’t his name, or you’re saying “So – lair” power, which isn’t a thing. Most of that’s probably applicable to how I go nuts with the Wada puns, but I do that because I think all the punning that headline writers do is pretty silly. So I’ve gone over-the-top with Wada intentionally – and then it became its own thing. Like, making the Wada puns – instead of the puns, themselves – IS the joke. I know it’s stupid, and that’s the point.

To be sure, I’m not actually upset with the Soler/solar stuff. I’m just not looking forward to it. I’m probably wrong anyway.

Ok. I’ve gone far afield with this very meta introduction. Let’s do some Bullets about today’s awesomeness and stuff …

  • Speaking of which, FanGraphs looks at the call-up of Jorge Soler, complete with scouting numbers. The author, Kiley McDaniel, also says that one scout described Soler as a better hitter (but slower) than Yasiel Puig. YES PLEASE. (In my mind, I’ve always hoped for Frank Thomas light. Soler won’t hit as well as Thomas or walk quite as much, but the physique is evocative of Big Hurt, the power potential is just as legit, Soler’s got better speed, and can play in the outfield. Definitely a heavy emphasis on “light,” but that’s the totally superficial, and totally extreme comp that comes to mind.)
  • Rick Renteria talks about the impending arrival of Jorge Soler, who is expected to start in right field tonight. Renteria tells the Tribune that he doesn’t make a big fuss of a young guy’s arrival, just letting him know that he’s there to play baseball. With Arismendy Alcantara and Javier Baez coming before him, and with Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Albert Almora, and Kyle Schwarber, among others, still to hopefully arrive, it feels like Soler is getting here right around the early part of the middle of “the wave.”
  • Cubs players are eager to receive Soler, as well. (
  • If you want to listen to an interview that will make you smile about the Cubs’ situation, check out this one on Waddle and Silvy with Keith Law. It’s just positive stuff after positive stuff. While going over the Cubs’ crop of young positional talent, and conceding that not everyone always works out in these situations, even Law has to hedge and say, but … “this is a high probability group.” That’s the money quote. I still don’t think every single top prospect the Cubs have will become an impact contributor, but the fact that Law sees the need to say “but it’s possible” is incredible. Among other things, he added that if the Cubs can add a top starter in free agency, and another good one via trade, “That makes them at least an above-.500 team for next year.”
  • Law was extremely high on Soler, Baez, and Bryant, by the way. He also separately wrote about the sustainable breakthroughs of Jake Arrieta and Anthony Rizzo.
  • Ryan Sweeney left last night’s game with an apparent hamstring issue, which makes you wonder if he’s the guy who’ll go out in order to add Jorge Soler to the 25-man roster. You’ll note, though, that Matt Szczur replaced Sweeney in right field, not Justin Ruggiano. The latter hasn’t played since the first game of the Baltimore series, and has started just once in the last 8 days. He’s been dealing with a sore left ankle, so you wonder if maybe he would have otherwise been the guy going to the DL for Soler. Either way, it seems likely that the move to open up a spot for Soler will be a DL stint for someone, rather than an option or something more dramatic. Rosters expand in a few days anyway.
  • After last night’s game, Rick Renteria told that Anthony Rizzo (who left early with lower back tightness) should be good to for today’s game.
  • I really enjoyed Patrick Mooney’s take on the Soler call-up.
  • Friend of the program, and baseball smart guy, Sahadev Sharma was on Sports Talk Live last night, and you can catch bits of his appearance here and here. He polishes up real purdy. And I kid because I love:

Author: Brett Taylor

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