The Cubs Are Hiring a Video Board Operator

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The Cubs Are Hiring a Video Board Operator

Chicago Cubs

wrigley renovation jumbotronDo you like videos? Do you like large screens? Do you have actual skills related to those things?

In anticipation of the JumboTron making its way into left field next year, the Chicago Cubs are seeking to employ someone to manage the thing. There’s going to be a whole lot of content on that board next year – ads, stats, Cubs videos, in-game entertainment, (hopefully) other baseball and sports updates, etc. – and it’s actually going to be a pretty tall task to manage all of that, especially in the very first year at Wrigley Field. The line between adding to the experience for fans who are pro-JumboTron and completely ruining the experience for fans who never wanted it is going to be razor thin.

You can see the full job posting here, which, appropriately, has an enormous list of responsibilities and qualifications. Among those responsibilities, which give you some hints at what we can expect to see on the board next year:

  • Deliver video board and in game LED displays for regular season, spring training, post season and special events as needed. Call all live game shots to production and technical crew.
  • Oversee the implementation of all aspects of video and LED graphic production including conceptualization, design and animation – including but not limited to logo loops, player headshots, green screen shoots, still graphics, advertisements, features, game prompts, crowd prompts, interstitials, show elements and stat layouts.
  • Collaborate with agency partners on production of sponsor features and advertising elements.
  • Coordinate with Manager of Game & Events to conceptualize game presentation plan and develop daily run of show programming.
  • Collaborate with sponsorship, social media and broadcasting to distribute content among various channels.
  • Hire, manage, and direct operations team including direct reports and part time game day event staff. Allocate work assignments, evaluate and approve work product. Conduct annual reviews.
  • Create and build Cubs-owned video and graphic storage system, including collaboration with MLB Productions, and MLB Network.
  • Troubleshoot both hardware and software issues that arise as part of an in-game entertainment system.
  • Manage ad hoc requests including creation of video and graphics to support creative needs at special events (i.e. Cubs Convention, season ticket holder receptions, Ownership engagements, etc).

The only potential red flag you see in there is “crowd prompts.” Immediately, that makes people think of, “LET’S GET LOUD!” or “It’ time to kiss!” I have a good feeling that the will avoid that kind of traditional “stadium experience” stuff. Yes, there will be crowd prompts, but I doubt it’ll be the really cheesy, deeply un-Wrigley stuff.

Tip for interviewees: demonstrate an understanding of what fans are looking for in a video board at Wrigley (enhancements of the game experience, including stats and replays, and bits on the Cubs), and what they do not want from the video board (anything that distracts from the on-field experience and the general solemnity of Wrigley). Especially in this first year of the JumboTron, fans are going to be *very* sensitive to how it impacts the experience.

And a tip to the Cubs, then: proceed conservatively the first year. Probably even more conservatively than you think is conservative. I am pro-video board, and, for that reason, I don’t want to see the thing reviled from day one.

Good luck!

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.