BNTV Q&A: Does Cameron Maybin Make Sense as a Cubs Trade Target?

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BNTV Q&A: Does Cameron Maybin Make Sense as a Cubs Trade Target?

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As I’ve mentioned, I’m trying to give everyone the benefit of my answering email questions (at least where the question makes sense for this kind of video response), which aren’t things I’d write up as posts at BN, but might still be fun and/or interesting for folks to see. In other words: you haterz of video aren’t missing anything critical by just skipping these. They’re meant to be a fun supplement to the core content here at BN.

Here’s the latest on Padres outfielder Cameron Maybin as a kind of buy-low trade acquisition for the Cubs. Does that actually make sense for the Cubs to pursue? Thanks to BN’er Chris for the question. If you’ve got one, send it to BNTV at bleachernation dot com.

(I played around with a green screen in this video to avoid the “guy in his messy office” look, but I think I’ll need to keep playing – it’s not quite what I want. This is all a process. A deeply important artistic process.)

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